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For former mayor, Mick cornet? Good morning. I'm Jacqueline Scott in the news center. And this is Oklahoma's first news Darkin stormy day ahead, and we're under a flood watch. This morning forecast is coming up former Oklahoma City mayor in gubernatorial candidate, Mick cornet is joining a marketing and public relations firm, you'll be working in Oklahoma City based Jones PR in an executive council role and will specialize in business. Cornet says he'll offer business perspectives and advice cornet was mayor from two thousand four to two thousand eighteen state school superintendent joy Hofmeister says she supports a Bill that could move some school districts back to a five day week it strikes the right balance in ensuring that there are important measures in place to make sure our kids are growing and that our schools are doing a great job for kids. That's what she'd help news for the Bill would require between one hundred sixty five and one hundred eighty days classes, meaning some districts could opt for. Four day weeks if they can prove their students meet performance criteria and the four day schedule is saving the district money. Oklahoma voters would decide whether Medicaid should be expanded in our state under an initiative petition. That's been filed with secretary of state's office. It was filed on behalf of two residents one in Tulsa, and one in Oklahoma City organizers would have ninety days to collect about one hundred seventy eight thousand signatures. The state house has passed a Bill that was vetoed. Last session by governor Fallon to move. Oklahoma native American day to the second Monday in October the same as Columbus Day the Bill passed yesterday by a vote of eighty one to seventeen Oklahoma's current native American day is in November. From the kinky. Okay weather center and the Cold War storm team flood watches in effect until one this afternoon. Otherwise, it'll be cloudy today. We'll have storms with highs in the upper fifties to low sixties and a low tonight a fifty three your next news update in ten minutes. I'm Jacqueline Scott, NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. Newsradio one thousand K T okay studios or a service of universal men's clinic for medical solutions for low T. Learn more at universalmensclinic dot com. Diamonds direct's prices are unbeatable every day, but this.

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