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Me Wow You And you're listening to talkin. Pets I want to introduce to the program right. Now Jesse burns and Jesse is actually a mutual rescue film, participant and they did a film on. Her Jesse in, Andy Andy is her. Dog I wanna welcome to the. Program Jessie, burns, hey Jesse how you? Doing. Great how are you? Doing. Wonderful it's great to have you on the show with talkin. Pets I want to introduce you to Dr. J., hi how are? You, hi lexie our. Producer. Hello. Hi now I'm very familiar of course with mutual. Rescue. Actually I put in for them to do a film on me as, well and we'll see if that. Happens but also I'm familiar with. Carol Novello fee is the founder of mutual, rescue wonderful. Woman. Absolutely and how did they find you and what can you tell the audience what your story was? About and I know if they go onto mutual rescue dot, org which is the website they can actually see. This This film and. It's. What it's about ten minutes long minds about six minutes long and I, actually found out about mess mutual. Rescue because of air competing which. Was the first film that they put together, about a. Man. Yes amazing film if you haven't seen it it's incredible but about a man who adopted a dog? And then ended up losing about one hundred and forty pounds, he credits adopting this dog with saving his life Yes so that's home actually got like ninety million hits it did. It went viral which is pretty impressive pretty amazing So I saw his. Film and they were doing a call for stories and I have a story, about how my dog rescued my life my boyfriend of several years into that committing suicide a. Couple of years ago and I adopted a dog, and she. Really pulled me through that and I credit her with she's the main reason I am still living. Today I think and, so I decided to submit my story and they actually picked it and and made my film, no October is national adopt the dog month and Dr. J.. Actually here in Tampa Bay where, we produced a program, Dr Jared works at, the humane society of. Tampa Bay And did you get Andy you, found Andy on line but was that for Michelle, ter- or, it was from a, shelter so I just started after my boyfriend passed away kind. Of only thing that sort of could get my mind off of all, the terrible things that I was thinking about in sort of my. My deep inward spiral was looking at a shelter dogs online and so I, found a picture of her of her looking very very sad she's looking directly at the camera. And just she looked really pitiful and she looked, a lot. How I felt and so I just felt this immediate connection with her and she was at the. Local, shelter and Colorado. Springs which is where I was living at the time humane society the pikes peak region and. I ended up going down in adopting her that day Well, we're so sorry to hear about your boyfriend, and you know it is it's a, tough world, out there and you know every time you turn on the news it's just getting tougher and tougher it seems like with everything that's going on and did did you feel that. Andy kind of reached out? To you when you saw, the dog on online she did like I said I just felt. The immediate connection with her through her her picture, because she looked exactly how I was feeling just sort of lost in loan and you know sort of desperate and pitiful and.

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