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Eleven month old baby with glass, the suspect has not been arrested a gallatin teenager who's been Issing for more than a month has been located in Alabama sixteen year old Dylan Reginald, allegedly escaped the volunteer youth facility on December fourteenth, his disappearance led to a T. I endanger child alert and freedom from religion has some issues with a prayer service for governor elect Bill Lee, the foundation sent a letter to Lee and his transition team saying the federal and state constitutions dictate the governor may not insert religious rituals into government, sponsored events the latest, Fox News timesaver, traffic and Weather Channel. Forecasts are always just minutes away on talk radio ninety eight point three fifteen ten W L A C. Fox news. I'm Steve rappoport. President Trump grounding in aircraft for house speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip overseas this after she called on the president to postpone his state of the union address because of the government shutdown. The reason why the White House declined or postpone is they're putting it Nancy Pelosi and her congressional delegations use military aircraft is because had she gone on this trip. She would have guaranteed that eight hundred thousand federal workers would not receive their second paycheck. Fox's John Roberts at the White House. A judge acquitting three Chicago police officers accused of trying to cover up the twenty fourteen police shooting of a black teenager prosecution's case centered on discrepancies between dash Cam video. And what the officers wrote in the reports similar to the second degree murder conviction of former police officer Jason Van Dyke who sentencing comes down on Friday. Fox's Jeff monosso in Chicago..

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