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SL handicapped Golden Gate fields opening day card the professor was the then I check in with his football picks Hey we start today show with a good friend from trackmaster neck with bass Ellis Starr good morning Ellis good morning Sam good morning racing fans well we thought we'd be discussing the opening day is said native but that's been delayed till Saturday so there's some races around the country that the you might have a comment or two and then after that we'll get into impressed you most during the month of December the as we get ready to start the three year old campaign with all horses turned a year older on January first so let's start with the it's going on in the racing world coming up this week well course we have that much bigger card at St need a Saturday now it's always nice to open that gift after Christmas but this would be great because they're gonna burn all the stakes which as you live good steaks on a Saturday and I took a look at a couple races at the Golden Gate on Thursday I think they're very interesting I was also a race at fairgrounds stakes race on the day after Christmas we can look at and then a couple is some Friday Golden Gate and so far the of the race's through the weekend the two couples stay to the fairgrounds it was raining yesterday we did see some actual efforts on some of those steaks but I got a couple those spending on time and yeah I'm looking forward to talking to you and all the listeners about some of the upcoming year olds what impressed me is two year old so we can start in the fifth at Golden Gate on Thursday the Chester ninety for the two races that I thought had some betting interests okay let's go release number five for opening day Thursday the first post of twelve fifteen on Thursday the day after Christmas opening day for Golden Gate fields and we're taking a look at the fifth race here in Lyle and it's one of the starter lounge races leave your two year olds basically non winners of two and two of start trickling price of twenty thousand or less and I think it's a really interesting race I boils down to two or says number four diamonds number one Molly old McEvoy sire diamonds had three races in southern cal in the care of can we are keen a couple screens in a row that was on turf didn't want bad ran third and then shipped up to ski Sherman's March and just was very game got to leave early because he said it at the eighth hole was the neckline and then just came on in battle down one by a nose Warren and his rights back that was her first race on the cheetah it was Adam miles of experience is great and I just think it's great it's own thing in recess response program that we use I use and while racing fans are using and you can set up some angles one of the ones we've set up was to turn winner old that wanted to turn race into to termination it's also obvious but it ends up believe it or not didn't experience any young horses really pays off this angle shows eleven percent flat that profit over last year just betting the exact courses so that's good the other one is one Molly American was I mention who won her debut also kinda gamely by head battling last eight of a mile and a way to look at the pedigree is always try and look up something invoices trying to turns for the first time and I was very surprised when you see this kind of thing the horse has one sibling the same damn Molly it's a half brother sister can't member which but same breeder same owners same trainer bill Delia and ours is name Angelos crises you may now and some folks may nose rhinorrhea this year who's one five as thirteen route at golden gate on the pizza so there's no doubt my mind that Molly McEvoy can stretch out here so this is the Golden Gate alike to four five nine is the one Molly McEvoy I look to win Best Buy can get maybe two to one year one of them in a pretty strong exacta box I think there last year not as good as these two all right let's go to the ninth about nine race card for opening day Golden Gate fields and take a look at that price and this is a five and for a long race for fillies and mares the even have either admiration doctoral research or not one for like how like this condition but in the big feel like this and made one person's idea to take a look at the case and we have a projector in this race plans product which is really good now it tells me that I look at the VP who the likely case centers are then I can validate login to PC's and it really shows that the three three carats and the one caring are both need to lead types and I think that chattering takes out three care to I think is going to be savored who comes off a big six planes land eight three one four seconds I intend races this year and that really sets it up for me for the five probes peppy appropriate be another really game or ten for ten on the money this year for this six year old mare three Linden for seconds Eldorado loader on November twenty eighth at the silent for a long trip pretty similar rations you rally some six of eight just copy the knack a Kerry was third in that race she never saw the leaves at this time they're gonna send from the rail I believe so put that B. is one I think is the key in the ninth race in other words a look at that might come on of the six paddy they'll complain right who won two in a row last winter January February took nine months off came back in November went on for for the last time didn't do it saying but I think the Jackie changed act back Amman worry that the books which helps the seventh hour nine who ran on a per second ones for last in November and I was overmatched last time out so Peter five poke at the look at the six Patty Dylan power nine for exact this but I'm looking to make a window book at the provided is both a catering and three chairs books one is expected hi does so opening day Golden Gate fields first post twelve fifteen now what other tracks you or make a comment about art by on Thursday is only one of the reasons really like a lot is it round at the stakes race it's race eleven with a post time of three twenty Pacific five twenty central and it's called the Bob's forest on more about source was a writer are you made on in your long career stands are the times Picayune and this is in every single race at a mile seventy and there's a horse in here that I think you just can't ignore name out for a spin children to twelve the one I just think it's a bad line servers or call out for a spin earlier this year as a new return three year old one situation there including the gray one actual shakes Keelan April at fifty to one she won by three lengths for the answer grounds in a mile in sixteen does very little long she ran a letter to the Kentucky oaks Ural lake they gave her six months off and she came back on November ninth in the cellar trong sprint first time against older which is what this is and she ran third as of seven she didn't do bad but she hadn't needed the race after six months off and it was a sprint so looking back to her debut in our second start last fall on November sixteenth of last year twenty eighteen she ran a war rollers for and then she stretched out to miles sixteen she won by three I don't angel golf top line think that that people see the lines kind of bad but this same tattered sticking out the Laos stretching out she's a grade one stakes winner I she's twelve the ones on the eleventh you're very rounds on Thursday the twenty six which is again three twenty Pacific three out for a spin and look at the sudden rise glories well because they're still you miss me I should have laws to win she's nine for twenty three year career she three for five this year she won a pair stakes at delta so the three out first thing in the seven rise gas Gallic actually I should say in the eleventh race at fairgrounds all right so there's a little handicapping insight from Ellis Starr of trackmaster dot com now do we want to talk about two year olds sure or if you damage time I've got a couple races Golden Gate cued up for Friday are also at stake you Sir grounds that you want other two year olds first and so let's go to Golden Gate for Friday before we talk about okay sure I'll get together couple races the fourth race in the sex and this with you so many go ahead before it is six furlongs starter allowance sure feel the five but again I think there's a lot of pace here you look at the horse in the scene actually these two year olds that only have one going wire to wire and then start look for pressure in this case you number for war games just dominated breaking his maiden on November twenty third wire to wire in the one old school charmer so now I look for the pressures and I find one right outside of old school Charmander choose former protocol who clothes from chef alon their neck of the lead last time out and then ended up for but I think there are a lot better here more like in the debut one he sat for and then second off the pace surely right off to the other two are sisters early so you should run well and then the other one is the five hacienda Boulevard who looks to be the better value opening at twelve to one for Richard hill and Frank Alvarado and this is what you want to see any horse Rancic's in his debut in November second came back at the end of the month of may and second and broke his maiden on December fifteenth just twelve days ago so look at the two form protocol in the five hacienda Boulevard in the for her to Golden Gate also the six travel impacted only now because of you probably favor I'll give you an exact and I don't like it was a win that in that race all right any other selections in the ninth isn't as the six six yeah and that's a mile and this is a really nice recess is a while it's optional lamer but now we're is of one other then made inclining chapter or an optional forty everybody's in for the allowance level and you know like this race I look at the favorite his name is blaze and aim in the six and I really think he's vulnerable years old rule racing here but he's heard it that you Jerry very wary of a favorite trying something the first time and labor and evasion and one gamely at Golden Gate never returning it to five and a half songs battling hadn't had for most of the race and very high echo basin by figures but he's trying to turn for the first time and I think you're giving away a little experience here summer go inside to the three final final the two Indian peaks and then for the tri factor also in the favor there's a lady named suspect choice also in the favorite number four sacred writer who ran second from start to finish in the gold rush now these other two wishes a final smile Indian Creek also kind of the gold rush steaks and they ran seventh and fourth respectively but they both one and a mile on the grass before that so you've got to change brands I don't see any issues transferring their form from the grassroots to Peter similar effects sick writer had broken his made it a mile on the grass the for you and second from start to finish in the gold rush the final final broke his maiden on November first on the grass very mature coming from second win by an axe then land the gold rush I think he can rebound nicely in the two Indian P. give to Jackie change from governments Hernandez and again that meeting when Alex from nine of ten that was back on November twenty third and just was five wide and just move by the field so in the six to Golden Gate on Friday I think you should take a look at the three mile pilot a grateful and that's an exact or trifecta box two three and four throwing insecure bladder but I'm really trying to beat the second horse laden Ayman stretching out for the first time alright well let's within a couple minutes so let's get to the two year olds well I think it's a great season here and I think some of the horses that kind of impressed me is I'm looking forward to first of all start with one that it can be a little lower in speed figures of people won't have heard up as much and his name is silver prospector ansible prospector as news and of course always has some good horses this time of year and so prospector one the card find this chart real quick he won the with the color Remington springboard mile stakes which was just one a couple weeks ago closing day feature Rankin park any man really really good race I'm I'm I'm a long way so far stricter won the Kentucky Jockey Club stakes back in the beginning of November and he was that one of two or three finances and bark and he ran a really good race that the horse people need to take a look at coming in the one I was thinking of was a single mother working shoplifted and shop with another Ashley similar seat one second in the hopeful at Saratoga and then ran badly twice so wasn't as highly regarded some of the other horses what was very game bounced back to good form shop working share something in common with this year's everywhere the hours of moved up by disqualification country house in a shop with it is partially owned by Ellen J..

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