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I had met him before he got welcome back kotter we met it unemployment flirting guy and then he got became you know bob marino and then again meeting him again doing grease he had just completed doing on saturday night fever but it hadn't come out yet and during the time we were filming she got a rough copy of of sightsee and he asked us if we would want to see this film was very you know insecure about it he was hesitant to even ask us said of course we'd love to see it well we flipped out and he was unbelievably was he had no idea oh when he moves oh and john moves he's you know what bob a luma but y bamboo he is is such a sexy fella and a good man and and he the chemistry really was electric between him and and deliver was it was very delicious i think uniformly reaction is always one of happiness greece's really been something special for people all over the world now is in mexico filming frieda and people having me sign that time it was vhs is a vassil lena yet oh mexico it's so it's it's really a international phenomenon i'm happy to be part of something didi conn played frenchie one of the pink ladies sandy's best friend beauty school dropout in greece the film is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year by the way didi conn for if you're a certain generation also played stacey jones in shining time station anyway greece's returning to the big screen you can catch greece in theaters across canada on april fifteenth eighteenth as part of cineplex events classic film series i'm tom power you probably have heard a lot of talk out there for people like me handsome people like people in the media about the next big thing in music people making predictions constantly for who's going to be the next big pop star well i gotta say the folks at the bbc after a pretty good job at calling it these past few years every december they survey a bunch of folks in the music industry come up with a list of people.

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