Jim Crows, Abraham Lincoln, Jim Crow discussed on Black History in Two Minutes


The end of slavery brought the promise of freedom and equality but the rollback of reconstruction led to a systematic erosion of the rights of african americans throughout the south yet is racist spread. Jim crows poison. Waves a black migrants decided to leave the south in search of equal rights personal safety and economic opportunity. The homestead with president abraham lincoln had signed into law in eighteen sixty two granted settlers including free black people the ability to claim one hundred and sixty acres of government land as reconstruction eroded thousands of african americans dubbed. Exa dusters moved westward particularly to kansas hoping to claim land. This i by gray should of black people. Out of the deep south was called the great exodus of eighteen. Seventy nine most black southerners as christian doubt that they were being delivered into a promise. Land the end of the nineteenth century saw jim crow laws codify racial segregation racist aggression against black people intensify and lynchings increase throughout the south starting in the eighteen ninety s southern african americans began moving north migration dramatically increased during world war in one as from europe declined and factories in the north started recruiting black workers. Thousands of african americans left their southern homes to move to places like chicago. Detroit harlem los angeles. This was known as the great migration this would transform the places where they moved as employment opportunities increase so too did demand for housing segregated neighborhoods. Ratcheted up the competition for space between black and white residents. The result was black. Urban population hopes influential political and cultural concentrations in cities such as chicago and detroit washington. New york the harlem renaissance was the most famous black cultural movement resulting from the great migration world war two spurred even more migration as black civilians left the south for industrial jobs created by the demands of war. Filling vacancies created by men being drafted second. Great migration was more sustained. This generation moved into cities that already had black communities that had been established by the first great migration. They were transform. America's popular culture politics. Two sports were influenced by that second. Great migration including something like the birth of motown which is the direct result of the second great migration. The north's victory during the civil war unfortunately didn't lead to full civic or social equality for african americans in the south but gaining american citizenship provided the formally enslaved people with the freedom to move and they exercise that freedom to move in search of a better life..

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