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New Jersey just across the beautiful Benjamin Franklin bridge from Philadelphia center city. That is correct how you guys doing doing okay, we're doing all right. It's Tuesday. We're pretending it's Friday. Day to be alive. Yeah, it is. We'll know talk to Joseph. How are you looking at the world today? Every day is headed in the last just got off the point five, five months ago. Got married. All my way to work now, just love and life. Now, where were you deployed for how long I was in Afghanistan. I was in Kuwait, Syria, you name it. I was there. I'm an engineer. I was there for eleven and a half months while you were visiting all the luxury spots all the spot where they're just building and just getting ready for a lot of soldiers coming in good us, and we appreciate all you do in of course. Now you're married, so now your your spouse is now serving. That's how it works, you know? And it's like it's gross to be married weird. Well, it's grew. Okay. I was going to ask you, I'm getting married in about a year. Do you have any? Do you have any advice? What got you through these five. These five months, do not the Iowa wedding. It's so hard nipple, right it. It was a lot to do. It came out gorgeous and all, but every step of the way it was just the worst. Everything went wrong, the whole nine yard. All right. So no DIY wedding, no problem. Don't worry. He's not doing that. I'm not doing that. Joseph book a happy marriage in happy of being first caller of the day, and thank you for serving our country. We do appreciate you and Elvis Duran shirts into the first call. Please or ruin it. We're going to ruin it sport, please ruin my shirt. You got it. Thank you so much wonder. People ask us to ruin it, but I wonder if everyone that asks knows what it means. They just know that that's what to say. And they wonder what's going to show up. God knows it's going to crawl up to your front door, clean the studio with it. Let's go around the room. We'll start with you scary. What's on your mind before the show? I might need somebody to help me with time management like somebody to look over me and say, dude, you're doing it all wrong. I spent about an hour trying to make my me MO g on my iphone look exactly like me and it was to know just realize it has limitations. So I'm sitting there like, oh my God, an hour went by. There was so many things that I could have done that have been more very true. They need to get back in there and perfect that. But I'm like, why did I waste all this time? I should've been three minutes and done with it. Okay. We'll question. What would you have done? Scary if you had fifty three minutes or fifty, seven minutes left in that our thinking maybe help the planet in some way or like do something okay alternatives that all my God look, my emojis all help the planet. Help society and contrive, okay, we are. You need to plan that you'd okay from tire. Let's hope society. We'll good. Scary. Nice. Noticing though. Admitting you're you're having a problem is the first step good morning, Daniel. How are you today learning?.

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