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To act swiftly on President Trump's Supreme Court nominee. She's going to make the nomination this week on, I believe the right thing to do is for the Senate to take up this nomination and to confirm the nominee before Election Day on ABC is this week, the Texas Republicans that he believes the votes will be there to confirm a nominee before Election Day. Cruise and his fellow senators are gearing up for a Fight over filling the seat of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on Friday. At the age of 87. Metro health officials are reporting 53,341 cases of Corona virus and Bear County. The latest total includes 108 new cases that were reported yesterday plus another 2473 cases from a state backlog. Backlogged cases are added every weekend, so the daily updates can focus on the current cases. The fate of the Alamo Cenotaph will be decided this week, the Texas Historical Commission placed to vote on a permit to move that statue about 500 FT. Away to an area that is outside of Alamo Plaza. The plan faces vocal opposition from several groups, including former Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. Says the statue needs to remain right where it is as a way to tell the story of what happened at the battle That doesn't preclude telling the rest of the story, But what I'm hearing is no, no, no, We want to downplay 18 Thursday the cenotaph slated to be relocated to what is called a free speech zone as part of a $450 million reimagining of the Alamo. Michael board. NewsRadio 1200 W Four people are dead after a small plane experienced engine trouble and crashed while attempting an emergency landing in Leon County north of.

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