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Yeah. He's like just kind of. He's not dude you say, Peter Parker. I guess it's Peter Parker. Ryan hall's. Peter parker. Big knock out for your hall. Yep. Amazing fight card all the way around all the fights. Are you know, I'll see the the you could have got a Cup of coffee during the Korean. And the me and Walt hairs fight. You could have taken a break, but take those out of it. You got yourself one dandy of a card. Good good night fights, man. Great now to fights be interesting. What the pay for you numbers are too. We know not the pay per, but the heard the gate everything they sold out sold out form. Like selling out the ice house? Okay. You know because smaller. So we sell the forum. It's. The the gates not where they make their nut. The gates the pay per view. That's the that's the big dog and LA's fucking huge the form. It's not. But we have no idea. Do we? I'll check pavilion for few days. I'm sure they'll say. You know, trending at seven million. But we have no idea. I'm going to say eight hundred. Eight hundred that's a lot. But that's John Jones return. Yeah. When the controversy the negativity that sells no matter, which they like, I we had some current events. Do this. We do what he got dude heart. The first one is more of a rumor this isn't coming from chatman is himself. Some reporter said that she talked to Chad. Chad men is and he's going to retire after his loss to Volkan off-key convenient man have you married the tears off. It's like he's done a lot in the sport. He's fought for the title. She had a great career if he has other shit going stuff. I'd like hearing this. I know people get bummed, but I like Kim this move on with your life. Dude Chapman is a great guy. What else get on? All right. Greg hardy is put on co main event for the first ESPN plus card with the same card as Rachel vich. Yeah. I took the the UFC good or bad publicity. They don't give a shit this get this garner some bad publicity. So they apparently that's the business model that they're headed. I guess it's smart people talking. You'll see how we'll see how many people by ESPN. Plus. Yeah, we don't know if it's smart. You can't say it smart. I mean, they're going to go in this direction. So I mean, they might as well go all the way in having them both on the same card is already kind of trip. Yeah. It makes no sense. But we're talking about it. So maybe you know, we say garner some attention. I guess very strange. I'm surprised, and that's my whole thing with this is the main event all the female employees at ESPN all the news anchors who talk all this shit about the metoo movement and how unfair it is with female stuff like this. And then not one of you speak up with this. You're out your opinion. No longer counts, you're out. Get into shit. What else you got do you think people are actually not by the card because he's on it? Do you think there's people out there that do that? That would like normally buy a card or normally subscribed to something fans. Don't care. They don't hardcore don't care. Yeah. Because they're like fuck Greg hardy, but they love any pseudo T J dillashaw why disciplined Henry suit on T J dillashaw jug. Greg hardy other you'll tune in..

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