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And learn from his mistakes read speaking of the emotional world pacific. That was just amazing. Thank you. I had to go to some dark places for that. And and you know elliott's forcing me to go back to some really heavy places as well which and as painful as it can be. I really enjoy sinking sadly. Because i know there's always Not always but hopefully you get back up. And that's what the show's about to me. It's about perseverance. Thank you to meet your mandate likewise also in the world of hacking is carly chacon. Who is darlene aspect of the show. I mean it's ripped from the headlines. Literally what's it like to kind of be interrupting word. It's happening people reality. It's amazing and it's it's it's really insane. What they can do. And it's really made me completely scared and all of us so paranoid about what can happen because it's real and it's going on right now and it's relevant and so it's pretty awesome to be part of a show that is so relevant and and is actually like a head of it because they haven't really done something like this in something that's that's so accurate With what we do in the hacks that we do the coding and the words and language and all that stuff so it's nice to be a part of a tv show. That's not just being a tv show and it's real about your character little bit and how much she know about it. I play my character in star. Lean and she is part of society even just underground hacking world. That trying to get eliot join. And she's kind of so one of the best hackers there is if you were you were wanted to hack someone you want her on your side more than anyone She's she's really fun and and with dark and interesting and it's such a great character to fly technical part of it. You have to work your way around the language of. It's almost like shakespeare away. Tone thing yeah. I mean we invented. We haven't had anything to crazy and we definitely have you know. I like do a lot of research or look it up. So i can understand what i'm saying as opposed to just saying the words but i have been able to learn about it as much as i can. It's it's really really complicated. And crazy. And i have a lot of respect for people that can do that because it takes a lot of intelligence episodes right. Yeah that's awesome. That's great contribute. And then after that we'll see what happens. Ask this show will keep going and honestly one of the best tv shows. I've seen not because what's up for you next Right now doing this. I have a short film that i produced with henry winkler and lorraine bronco and harry. Reid and lebanon rampant. Going into gut. Been basketball's right. Now i have a web series. I started with my friend club literally thirty second funny videos and have another thing that i'm right and working on a feature script right now but this has been my main focus would web series nowadays. I mean it's like it's like really becoming its own form of entertainment. Yeah i mean. I wouldn't say it's as much of a web series as it is for me just thirty second videos about like you know we have one. That's like on the fans and it's like literally am on the fence and so that's why it's literally and we just paired with hello giggles dot com. Said they're the ones that are kind of putting it out there but it's fun i mean because it's like everyone got ever. Most people have access to the internet and all that stuff went to watch. People's attention spans are very short. So that's why the videos are quick. Great to meet you. Best of luck with this. I'm looking forward to this. There's more sci fi taught so stay tuned back on fi talk. I'm tony to lotto. And martin wallstrom plays tyrel wellik kind of an interesting first name. Don't you think now right. Holy blade runner here the tyrell corporation. Yeah i've heard about that. Some people say always or gration and and stuff like that. And you have to ask sam about those things so talk about your tyrel. What he's like and the role he plays in the sure well. He's very determined and willing to go the extra mile for whatever he wants and hang see. I mean he just takes wants facing and which makes it a fun character to play. It's kind of like when you take away. Our normal moral restraints allowed more fun to play them. I mean that's the fun part about it because you all of us from about going to our boss telling our boss to go. I mean and you can't do that but anyway the character like this is fun to as you say. Take away some of the moral issues and the hacking part of it. I actually my mom's account was hacked to recently. So yeah it was like money moved from her account to another so this is right on the headline it is i mean. People are people that i know being hacked and it's very sophisticated start facebook chats and ask them for ban codes and stuff like that since and i think the scary part is if you get a break in at home you know that. They came through the window or in the car. We have no idea how they got in. That is so scary about it. Yeah and i know you guys have like a hacker or an expert on staff to kind of help you guys with that. Have you ever picked his brain a little bit. Kinda gets them tips to avoid things. I haven't had the time yet. But what people say. I mean change passwords. Do not use the same passwords of course But i'm not an expert. I try to avoid like facebook and stuff like that. So i mean someone hacked or anything ten episodes and that's pretty good. They're kind of build it Is it one continuous. Or is it kind of leave us hanging at the end of mean at the end of the season I can't tell you. Ask google coming on for this. This is like i said right from the headline. so i'm really looking forward to seeing you guys out and Great cast to pleasure.

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