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All the former are living former presidents will be in attendance, George W Bush will deliver the eulogy, and there will be a conversation with Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, former Senator Alan Simpson and historian John Meacham as well. After the funeral. The casket will return to the Bush family library that in Houston. And then the final train ride to the Bush library at Texas AM for interment. So we're keeping you up to date on all that activity through the day today. Again, the funeral goes at eleven o'clock elsewhere special counsel, Robert Muller recommends no prison time for Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, the president's former national security advisor sentencing memo released just yesterday sites Flynn substantial assistance with investigators looking. Into the Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen presidential election Flynn who sentencing scheduled for December eighteenth pled guilty in December last two line to the FBI about his conversations within Russian ambassador during the presidential transition period. Markets took a tumble yesterday uncertainty about the economy and confusion over trade relations with China. Dow was down about eight hundred points right around three percent. Although President Trump has touted a trade war truce, president declared himself a tariff man and Tuesday night tweeted, we are either going to have a real deal with China or no deal at all markets. Stay closed through the day as the nation mourns government shutdown looks like well, it's pushed off for a little week about two weeks. President Trump now says he will support a two week funding extension ahead of that December seven said line due to the passing of former president, George H W Bush still no deal. Get to fund the border wall. And that's why there's a sticking point. And that's why there's only a two week extension. Seven forty seven right now. The CBS network board investigating sexual misconduct allegations against chief executive les. Moonves says reportedly has now found that he destroyed evidence. Mid led investigators to try to preserve his reputation that according to a draft report cited by the New York Times draft reportedly says moon vez engaged in multiple acts of serious nonconsensual sexual misconduct in an outside the workplace there are even allegations that there were people on staff who moon beds could call and. Well, a certain interpersonal activities took place. But that will still to come movement stepped down in September over allegations by several women meeting of foreign ministers, including secretary of state Pompeo include including Belgium, Tuesday Pompeo announced that the US would suspend its obligation under the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty after NATO concluded Russia had continually violated the agreement. There's plenty going on a no doubt about it. When you look at here in Columbus. Still plenty of conversation about coach Meyer. But we know there's other things too like revocation of von for murder suspect in the pike county murders, George Billy Wagner, third appeared before a judge yesterday entered a not guilty plea for the murders of members of the road and family, April twenty sixteen but Wagner, his wife and sons all facing capital murder charges for the murders. Billy Wagner had to be extradited from Kentucky where he was apprehended three weeks ago. And I don't know if you are a Kroger person. But it looks like Walgreens and Kroger are trying out kind of a new wrinkle. It seems like, you know, the cougar stores themselves get bigger and bigger, you know, selling clothes and lawn furniture and things like that will now it looks like Walgreens stores are gonna kinda have many Kroger expresses inside of them. Looks like thirteen Walgreens stores northern Kentucky parts of Ohio. We're going to carry about Twenty-three hundred Kroger products inside of them, including some of the home, chef meals one is already up and running the rest will come out early next year. That's one of those things it's hard to figure. It's like, you know for a while. We'll electron IX got really really small because we went into portability. Then people complained that these streams weren't big enough. So phones. Got bigger now. It's like, I got pharmacy and my grocery, and it seems that we won a little grocery in our pharmacies as well. So trying to keep up to date with a scorecard. There's your update in the very latest on NewsRadio six ten T V, traffic and weather updates coming up right now. Let's get you into the newsroom. See what Scott Scott for Scott, still working on this urban Meyer story, Joel and incoming Ohio State football. Coach Ryan day says he'll continue the winning tradition. We have the best coaches in some of the best high school programs and all of America here in Ohio, and it will continue to be our first priority to recruit Ohio football players day will take over once urban Meyer retires after the Rosebowl without announcement on Tuesday days currently the co offense coordinator and quarterbacks. Coach athletics director Jean Smith says days received multiple offers to coach at other programs since last year, the new York Stock Exchange is closed today as a nation mourns the loss of former president, George H W Bush. It's a tradition for the markets to close on national days of mourning. Be trading. Halt comes a day after markets took a big hit with all three major US index is falling. More than three percent. Also, there is no mail delivery today for that national day of mourning.

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