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She's not my <Silence> biology <Silence> <Advertisement> but <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> she has <Speech_Male> a my soul <Speech_Male> and you can love anybody <Speech_Male> at any time. You <Speech_Male> just decide. You're going to do <Speech_Male> it. You don't need a special <Speech_Male> agreement <Speech_Male> based <Speech_Male> upon what got to get back <Speech_Male> to me. <Speech_Male> It's a one <SpeakerChange> way street. <Silence> It's unconditional <Speech_Male> it's just <Silence> a decision that you have to <Speech_Male> make <Speech_Male> an you make it. There <Speech_Male> is such a liberation <Silence> that because <Speech_Male> there <Speech_Male> will things that <Speech_Male> you will do for them <Speech_Male> that you won't do for yourself <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> and they'll put <Speech_Male> you on your knees <Speech_Male> <Silence> Seriously <Speech_Male> in why <Speech_Male> that's important. <Speech_Male> Is that every <Speech_Male> one of us has got something <Silence> deeper us <Speech_Male> that <Speech_Male> begs the find. Its way <Speech_Male> to the surface <Speech_Male> to be part <Speech_Male> of our reasoning showcase <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> who we really are <Speech_Male> but if life is too <Speech_Male> good you're never gonna ask <Speech_Male> a question <Speech_Male> deep enough to ever contemplate <Speech_Male> that <Speech_Male> in that's the value <Speech_Male> of it and if you have a <Speech_Male> cold or <Speech_Male> broken <SpeakerChange> toe <Speech_Male> or chip fingernail <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> again. That <Speech_Male> is just <Speech_Male> insignificant <Silence> to the nth degree <Speech_Male> but <Speech_Male> when you're dealing <Speech_Male> with a child <Speech_Male> whether is no <Speech_Male> owner's manual <Speech_Male> in its incessant <Speech_Male> day in and day <Silence> out. <Speech_Male> It's a life <Speech_Male> changer. for sure <Speech_Male> in. i don't know. <Speech_Male> I'm <Silence> not sure <Speech_Male> that most of <Speech_Male> us humans have <Speech_Male> what it takes to be able <Speech_Male> to have the awareness <Speech_Male> in the introspection <Silence> necessary <Speech_Male> to <Speech_Male> go deeper and find <Speech_Male> that extra dimension within <Speech_Male> us that can <Speech_Male> be our best in our <Speech_Male> finest work without children. <Speech_Male> That's just my <Speech_Male> experience for myself. <Speech_Male> It doesn't <Speech_Male> hold true for others. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Only <Speech_Male> experienced will tell us <Silence> which one <SpeakerChange> it is. <Speech_Male> I mean <Speech_Male> coming from you. That's <Speech_Male> the former <Speech_Male> olympian the corner <Speech_Male> man of <Speech_Male> multiple <Speech_Male> medal as the <Speech_Male> best of the best. <Speech_Male> I mean y you <Silence> just said <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> speaks <Speech_Male> volumes <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> smell it. It's the gold <Speech_Male> medal of all time. Thank <Speech_Male> you for <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> a jeff. A <Speech_Male> i literally <Speech_Male> could speak <Speech_Male> to for hours <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Just really appreciate <Speech_Male> how you showed <Speech_Male> up. Thank <Speech_Male> you just <Speech_Male> usually how you <Silence> channel <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> divinity <Speech_Male> inner <Speech_Male> or or <Speech_Male> within or without <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> and your commitment <Speech_Male> to really make <Speech_Male> a difference such <Speech_Male> at the ripple effect continues <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> the <Speech_Male> best people <Speech_Male> can show up <Speech_Male> knowing <Silence> that they are <SpeakerChange> the <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> manifesto <Speech_Male> of their talents <Speech_Male> and show up to <Speech_Male> the best and then make <Speech_Male> champion. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> oh <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Thank you i i i <Speech_Male> love you <SpeakerChange> and thank you so <Speech_Male> much for being on noble <Speech_Male> warrior <Speech_Male> while that's <Speech_Male> very much appreciated <Speech_Male> and people <Speech_Male> to get touch with me <Speech_Male> it's www <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> dot jeff spencer <Silence> dot com. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> That's all i have to <Speech_Male> say. Thanks again <Speech_Male> for the amazing experience. Ck onward upward the big love. Everybody we'll see next time.

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