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Khan, Infectious disease expert Dina Public Health, You know, University Nebraska Medical Center that on the show before part of my It's weird that this is where we are in pandemic times. Have a rotation of physicians and experts and infectious disease from the University of Cincinnati. Try health, premier health and this guy for some reason, who took my call who used to oversee the CDC cilia strategic supply of stuff that somehow wasn't there. He was not on the job at the time. When all this hell happened with the cove in 19, But either way Dr Khan wants to come on. We welcome him. We'll talk to him in about 30 minutes, and it will also do maybe a little ask Dr Khan, where it's not just my questions, or Jeff cars producing the show. But yours If you want to know about vaccines or whatever you can tweet at Sterling Radio on then maybe we'll get some people lined up on the phone when the time comes and will rip through because it's not just my I got lots of questions. That's all I've ever had as a kid. You think I'm annoying now asking questions. Uh, imagine me being like, five years old. It hasn't changed a lot. I'm just taller and I drive now that's basically it And I'm like I'm on my own, trying to like, survive the world. Also Tim McGee going to join his former Bengal wide receiver who we get to hear regularly during Bangles times. Unfortunately, not this conference championship weekend with the NFL games, kicking off the pregame at two o'clock here, But he does the postgame show and sports talk stuff, which took Ludwig. But we'll talk to Tim about what he sees because he's been to these championship games before he's been to the Super Bowl, and we'll see what it's like and what he sees between this Tampa Bay game up in Green Bay. They're trying to get back to Tampa to play in their own state, which has never happened before. I wondered about that. And talking to David Purdom from ESPN Chalk on Friday night, no team has ever gotten to the Super Bowl and playing their own place. So that could be a first and I'm Tom Brady is only like 276 years old in football years. It's only a slight exaggeration. Aaron Rodgers about 182 and has just been spectacular, so that should be a good one of them. The Bills and Kansas City Holy crap, You got a team trying to get back to the Super Bowl and do it again. Concussion or otherwise, there's a lot of layers to this. We'll talk to Tim McGee about in just about an hour. I want to start, though, with something And Ah, I I've spent the last I was off yesterday. Gamble and Finn were on because there was no basketball because a covert stuff And I got some love email. I got some hate email. I'm fine with both. You can email to sterling at 700 wlw dot com. But here's the thing. So Friday night. I wasn't wrong and what I discussed and what I said in my position, But my messaging was wrong. My I got worked up. I got I was viscerally affected. By what's been going on like a lot of people. And I did not maintain my cool in my calm collective self. I got a little worked up. I arguably could have been. This chick has told me before, maybe a little bit belligerent. The podcast is there for you to listen to later and I'm man enough. To say I'm sorry. On Lee about my aggressive nature and dealing with the weirdness, not for Mike. I'm absolutely right about what? And if you're not aware because it was Friday night, maybe you have a life and you weren't driving around and you were forced because of the curfew. That's another week after 10 o'clock, you're supposed to be home huddled down safely to stay away from the virus. Maybe you missed it. I don't know. I would hope that you were here. But see, I all I can see. Is Jeff now and then 71 to my right into the left the hallway and it doesn't matter So I don't know wherever you are now in 71 75. I can't peer through the speaker. Good. I mean, I just did it, but I can't really see you. So if you did not hear the show Which is ridiculous. You should Everyone's doing it. Millions of people. Here's what part of the conversation was about. We did a lot of things. It wasn't just what I'm about to get mention here, and I'll give you a chance in the next segment to sound off on a little bit, and then I think we can package it up and put it away. I've had family. I've had friends. I've had family and in radio friend. And others approach me. And talk about these very strange days in which we're living and the conversation on. I know I'm already sick to my stomach, just starting to mention it again, but I wanted to apologize. Again, not because I was wrong, but because of the way I may be delivered the message or responded to people who were Not right. And I should be better than that. What has been presented to me. Is that for unity sake So we can all get past and get healthy and get along again. Is that it should be really no penalty for what the hell happened..

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