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To close the year. Hunter is at the In your house. it's tom event. Down in florida is going to be hitting on marlena which is going to lead to gold dust interfering in the mirror helmsley intercontinental match and that allows marrow to count out victory. Not long after this hunter is going to acquire the services of mr hughes as a heater. I did mr hughes come into play. Well it's just a casting. I think he was fresh imposing looking big guy and he filled the role. You wanna you wanna bodyguard kinda guy. The heater is a bodyguard. He's a he's a. He's a an asset that recipe us when when times got tough and challenging the cabela's ass out and Encouraged talk he just had to be big and impressive and he was and he's gone on to train a lot of really good talents and he's got a wrestling school there in atlanta and Ice kiddie time. He played defensive tackle for kansas state. At that time they weren't good. of course. i reminded me of that every day. Because my centers are doing pretty good they so we we were calling kansas state so the while catch recalling the mile cats and he and i still laugh about that but he curtis guide. Funny story about curtis after wrestlemania nine. I think we're in such televisions we were in the departure lounge phoenix not setting their five back to connecticut do voice-overs so forth senator. Talking with the chief jay strongbow his wife who they're the wrestlemainia festivities and a chief elbows. Look at that. Just look at that across the way the side of the the aisle so to speak was mr hughes honestly share and so strongbow automatically assume that curtis had been partying and still high where we found out later on curtis had The sleep disorder where he could fall asleep in anywhere he had narcolepsy. Yeah and and and thank you. And i can spell that for god's sakes but he. He couldn't wait to tell vince so you know. What are you gonna check into this right now. Did i talked to curtis. and i don't think he even spell narcolepsy. He had it and but he did. He was never an issue ever So anyway this little stories like that pop in your head. You're thinking about these things but he's the initially. I thought it was a nice element again. Triple h being willing to get out of his tales. to go from the female accompany of ballet type thing to Mr hughes var from sexy females. You get probably And willing to try different things to improve Triple h his game. This presentation and a lot of guys like i said earlier. They just wouldn't do it. Their ego wouldn't allow them to do it. They weren't willing to be bold and try new things but he was always willing to do that. And i think as time went on those type. Things pave the way for his hall of fame career. Well we're gonna finish up in puerto rico and little. Do we know that china is about to debut and change his career in so many ways i guess life too i mean nineteen ninety seven is going to be a breakout banner year for owner hearst. Helmsley he's going to have featured programs he's gonna get you know. of course. the association with china is gonna win the king of the ring. Dx is going to be created and man. He is off to the races. And that's about the time we got rid of that three year contract and redid another contract. Pretty remarkable yeah. Well that was. That was things that i did into town relations. That weren't normal courses of business or you would say well. We got to get this guy to finish his contract. Then we'll do some for him. See i. I always thought that was not why not do it now. Right and This is four it he just. That's not something that we customarily done. That's why on i started. We started this podcast. They ask are always vividly. Remember sitting in that case in the back of that arena in evansville which was exactly the garden in a new contract now. He's validated now. He knows how badly he's wanted. And maybe more importantly how much she's valued as a main event level guy. And i'm not talking to him about that is biggest concern. Seem like his biggest concern was am. I getting the best deal. Am i at the level that you guys are saying that i am and that puts me on a par with austin and take her and all these guys making them a million dollar the the irony of that deal. Is it most of the guys on this million dollar downsides and they were healthy and they're getting booked a lot businesses was what it was sometimes. Great sometimes you know solid Was that you know he he. They didn't take the weekly checks so in other words if you divide a million by fifty two that's nineteen change a week and a lot of guys didn't take their that that guaranteed check so at the end of the year that you know. They're just getting these. They weren't getting their fail. There weren't getting the all going against your downside right..

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