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I am a proud military spouse and have one nineteen month old son and pregnant with my second I work part time from home in real estate. I. Am Jamie and I, am a rock Mama. Welcome back to the Miraculous Mama's podcast I'm your host Elizabeth Joy, and we believe in empowering women through storytelling an education and today is going to be educational because I have doctor. Rhonda Patrick on who is a complete be A. She's awesome. I've been falling her for a long time She's so smart and we dive into the Science of Breast Milk and I'm super excited share this episode with you because it came out I got an interview her at a time when. I thought that my nipples were falling off and breastfeeding has been a huge struggle for Jovian I because she has a tongue and lip tie, and now we're going to therapy and it's just her latch hasn't been Kirk. And so breastfeeding has been really really tough and and I knew it was going to be hard from hearing from other people. I, mean everybody that you talk to you thirds. It's not. Just, something that comes easily your babies learning you. You're learning your baby, your body has to make. Some changes and there's a lot that comes with it and so I knew that it wasn't gonNA come easy. But I wasn't prepared for dealing with an oversupply and a baby with the tongue and lip tie and just you know she was in the nick you for the first week so as pumping. and now. I feel like we're getting into a good routine and it's becoming a little less painful. But It was so good to hear the like hear her talk about. The Ben of the benefits of breast milk because. I know that there's those nights when you're exhausted and you're pumping or you're feeding and you're you want to give up and. I I had.

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