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And this is the Cincinnati Reds pregame show presented by your Cincinnati Northern Kentucky. Honda dealers. I'm Dave are Brewster Despite the loss last night, it was a big night for Joey Votto, who collected career R B number 1000. And he did it by hitting a home run in the bottom of the third. He met with the media earlier today and was asked if he remembered R B I number one. Mm, First one was the home run off of John Mayne. In my rookie year. And seven or my, my initial call up. And, um, that was cool. You know, I was I was in a kind of a grumpy frame of mind because I felt like I should have been in the league years before that, you know, I remember as an 18 year old in the Gulf Coast League. Um Hitting well and like Starting to figure out how to hit professionally and one of the coaches. Bobby Williams. Say, What are your goals and I said to be in the major leagues next year, and he was like No, seriously. What are your goals and in my head? I was like Oh, no, dude, I really I'll figure this out really quickly. Um, obviously, that didn't happen, but not terribly long. After that. I felt like I was ready offensively. And, um, you know, at first base defensively, I was fine. I had a reputation for not being, um, very good. But my early career numbers showed otherwise. I was I was a good defender, Um So I was grumpy when I first came up, so I wasn't in a very good mood When I, uh got to my first start by. It was like it's about darn time so And now I'm just I'm very happy to be here. Joey, If you're just looking at your number's the home run milestone this year in the RV milestone, it puts you up there with reds, who are in the Hall of Fame, the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Do you ever allow yourself to think about that? What that might be like if that could happen for you of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. I spend most of my time thinking about I I mean, Whether I'm making a minimum or or or a big number, salary wise, I've spent all my time thinking about or most of my time thinking about How can I be competitive? As long as I have an opportunity to to play and so I would really like, you know, I was. I've been very fortunate to see some Clearly, excellent players play well to the very, very ended their career. Um Where they opted not to play anymore. You know, I'm talking about Adrian Beltre talking about Torii Hunter I'm talking about, Um, you know, David Ortiz. These are players that decided, you know. Chipper Jones. I've had enough. Derek Jeter. That's good, you know? And, um Those are the those are the players. I admire the most. Because I know that one day I won't be good enough to play baseball anymore. But As long as I have an opportunity to I want to keep fighting and I look up to those players, among others. And try to emulate that, and that's what gives me the greatest. Um, joy, and that is my current challenge. Some.

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