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Where art was acquired perhaps where it was painted see maybe we're acquiring art from certain location more than is in line with our mission statement perhaps or maybe we're acquiring art by gender more than we would like one way or maybe we're right in line where we're at and that kind of reaffirms or kohls you know it's funny you wish we should also talk about mobile fact that a lot of people essentially are married to their phones more so than anything else in their lives ucla people walking through the art museum taking pictures or taking pictures of other people and and calling themselves which is wrong get selfie as yourself but do you do you think that you can extend the mobile experience within the museum itself in new ways you talked about a our earlier yeah yeah no i definitely think that i think the lay our app that we're using right now extends that mobile experience and that's part of the reason why we are very concerned about making sure we have a strong you know wi fi infrastructure in the museum but yeah i think you know seeing people use their phone but we also want to make sure people are looking in and kind of look looking at the art itself and we definitely wanna make sure people are not you know holding their phone out and accidentally hitting the art by any means that never happens right it's never been anywhere yeah no nobody's ever going to admit it even if it has i'm talking with menashe engineer chief technology officer of seattle art museum when we come back we'll find out about how might technology applied to the being renovated asian art museum more outdoors at the olympic sculpture park you're listening to geekwire we'll be right back after a break.

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