President Trump, Ukraine, Republican National Committee discussed on Houston's Morning News


Story this hour Democrats continue their assault on president drop after that whistle blower complaint alleges that the president broke the law asking Ukraine's leader to investigate the Biden family the acting director of national intelligence Joseph acquire testified before a house panel on Thursday saying that he followed the law in handling that complaint. the I realized Falwell full and well the importance of the allegation and I also have to tell your congressman congresswoman when I saw that I anticipated having to sit in front of some committee some time to discuss it. now house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff insist that unidentified whistle blowers complaint is disturbing and credible but he drew a lot of criticism for his. parity version of president trump's phone call with Ukraine president Vladimir Zelinsky without noting that when he appeared to be reading from the transcript was actually all made up. we've been very good to your country very good no other country has done as much as we have but you know what I don't see much reciprocity here. I hear what you want I have a favor I want from you though and I'm gonna say this only seven times so you better listen good. Jeez White House on Wednesday released the unclassified version of the transcript of the phone call and when Republicans pointed out that no where in it with the words in conversations that ship open the hearing with. he admitted won't yeah that's true. and you try to pass it off as his. of what the president actually meant to say and the way that the Ukraine president took it well for one thing you've ever heard president trump use the word reciprocity I have a. listen good and don't call me really all this impeachment talk those been pretty good for GOP bank accounts the trop reelection campaign the Republican National Committee reportedly raise five million dollars in the twenty four hours immediately after Nancy Pelosi's announcement of her formal impeachment inquiry polls show that the American voters do not support impeachment efforts and the president repeatedly referring to it as witch hunts. it's now six oh four here in Texas a twenty twenty election might be closer down ballot than you think Katie races close solders live to explain why it comes as another Republican Dwayne Bowe active state Rep announced his retirement Harvey crime or get the core report tells KJRH things might be tightening up in Austin at least eight districts that are clearly and play and and some people argue sixteen and if that's the case then it's going to be a democratic majority in the Texas house Texas GOP victory chairwoman Stacey Hart says she's not worried about anybody leaving..

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