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Is far from over as more states see numbers swore zona Florida Alabama Oklahoma Arkansas and North Carolina all reported record high number of cases today Texas is also reporting the highest daily totals for new covert nineteen cases though the number of per capita cases remains pretty low Heris and Dallas counties or reporting some of the nation's biggest single day rises with upward trends also reported around fort worth San Antonio Austin Lubbock McAllen in Midland federal investigators are helping the Houston fire department in looking into an explosion early this morning near the city's museum district arson investigators say a fire that started when the museum district bar fifty fifteen exploded just before five this morning was intentionally set Houston fire department says gas cans were found at the scene but they haven't determined yet if those were involved there was a wide debris field of splintered wood shattered glass on Alameda near south more the FBI and bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms is assisting in that investigation Houston Texans coach and general manager believes players have the right to protest and be heard and he would take a knee in solidarity with those players this football season Houston Texans head coach bill o'brien told the Houston Chronicle that he will join his players next season kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial inequality o'brien cancel team activities on June ninth so the players coaches and team owner cal McNair could attend Houston native George Floyd's funeral together former forty Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the anthem in twenty sixteen and the NFL band on field kneeling during the anthem in twenty eighteen but changed course earlier this month Tim McMaster fox news KJRH news time seven oh three stocks are down sharply for the week despite finishing higher today the Dow Jones industrial average gained four hundred and seventy seven points the S. and P. rose thirty nine and the nasdaq gained ninety six president trump's top economic adviser says the demand for another stimulus bill may look a lot different this time Kevin Hassett told fox news the need will depend on the economy he says the nation could see another surprise with more jobs added later this month the president is pushing for a revised Republican Party platform for the August convention he's asking for a short form statement about ideals and principles and the Oscar goes to more diverse city the Academy Awards is making the race for Best Picture more inclusive new eligibility requirements will be created this year but won't start until twenty twenty one that's when ten Best Picture nominees will be guaranteed more news on demand to KTR H. dot com our next update at seven thirty breaking information as it happens I'm Y..

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