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Seven seven three three seven six six six six let's go to joe in new york here on the fan joe yes sir good morning richard morning joe uh i was hoping you could clarify something for me and it is a simple question about mickey mantle like you like i'm batting average i believe was to ninety eight about five hundred thirty six home runs i'm not sure the rbi but there's a lot of guys who had better lifetime fat then you and i'm just wondering why the great i mean i'm not denigrating the cannot believe me fair but i'm just wondering why you know because guys have better fat why is he elevated above people okay well first of all i play for the anc he's and he played when the yankees were every year in the world series waning winning winning winning also he was let's face it he was a muscular very handsome all american looking guy which helped he had a lot of charisma so plane in new york with all the charisma elevated him in a lot of people's minds plus he was a great player and there was a book about mickey mantle by jane levy several years back and the dispute was weather openly maize was better hank aaron was better mickey mantle and she had some saver metric people analyze mantle's numbers versus their numbers and they came up with you know back back in the day with mickey mantle was home runs rv is batting average and and this saber metric people do war winds above replacement all you know all those things and they proved that mickey mantle was better than the other two now that's that is caused for some dispute because i think a lot of people will go well willing as was the best player ever all around player and hank aaron was my favorite and certainly a lifetime career more home runs and a lot of people say well he played longer there's some merit to plane longer taking care of yourself which mickey obviously didn't do when admitted in his later years you didn't take care of himself but mickey you know if you wanna go by saver metrics.

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