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Been pop bean sprouts soup amfortas are they had a trio of us strawberries with citrus tea and dried parisi m deep pride walnut and it really is i don't think they deeprooted walnuts over there i would i mean i like walnuts and i like deep through and i wonder if i'd like that i dunno it'd be willing to give it a shot anyway on saturday vodka is going to be cheering on team usa so watch out for if you're watching the olympics if you're not than don't watch out for other things you could watch this weekend sepak you know sepak still going on so you can check that out if you don't want to watch the olympics we are almost done with the olympics and you know it's been fine seeing the circus sideshow a politics and you know we've learned interesting things from the olympics in we're almost on watching it so let's let's look back at some of the stuff we learned from winter olympics 28 shall we now things we now know after watching the 2018 winter olympics it's not whether you win or lose it's important that you show up without a shirt and oiled up we still have no idea what a triple sao paulo is the united states women's hockey team will get free drinks for the next four years sean white won his third gold medal and with his short hair looks like he's going into the eighth grade and figure skating is a lot more interesting when there are wardrobe malfunctions this has been things that we now know after watching the 2018 winter olympics visit i'm sector they all atbats glad that.

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