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To happen. The each morning show with boomer Asya sit in Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo so you know I I had to go shoot. TV show world's greatest super commercials. And I had to go from the hotel you to the Stadium Stadium where the dolphins play and I was down in Miami beach so I I come out of the hotel and the person narrow though so missile. Your car is waiting for you outside. I said okay. Great what is it she said. Well IT'S A. It's a chevy suburban Bourbon so there are two suburban out there so I go to the first suburban and I guy opens a window and I go you here for boomer and now I now then the people in the backseat so now go to the next number. Yeah I go here for boomer. He goes yes I go into the car he said he he said what yes. Yes yes okay so I said Okay I get the car so we're driving and I have two guys from this production company in the car with with me. Okay so we're talking or either one of them named the Yes. Well I thought he said yes. Yeah Okay I did think he said yes. Yes yes I said yes satellite yes to me especially with the cars. were running and pulling in hotel auto lobby lobby. You know so I get the car and some of these two guys talking and we're talking about the Super Bowl and the championship games coming up and also the stuff and Nexia. No we're pulling into the Miami airport. Go The guy goes you know what what they're what airline we're going to. We're going to the hard rock stadium. Yeah sounds like stadium. Are you not yet by say yes. It sounds like I said my name is boomer. Goes Yup gift to me at least talking about bigger. You're clear concise and understand what everybody's saying down. Meanwhile yes is over there going. What the APP? The APP is right whereas my car all right so before the break and we are live from the investors bank studios boomer and Geo on the fan and CBS sports network before the break. Ut's that you could finally finally announce what super bowl commercial you are in. Yeah I feel like I. Can you know it's been kinda out there and there's going to be some stuff that's Uh probably coming when we get down next week to the radio. You're going to do a little promotion. So I am actually in a Sabas Hamas Commercial Sabra Hamas yes alright sovereign Hamas yes very good so is great commercial and they put a bunch of people in it and I think it's it's it's funny it's simple and people will get the crux of you know exactly what the product is and how to use the product and the way we used the product. Yeah so so. You're not allowed to give any more details about. WHO's in it or not yet next week? We'll do that. We all have about like You a six or seven second cameo spot maybe a little bit less and there is an okay boomer boomer one hundred capable of course. That's how I ended up in Auber Hamas used to have a Factory right in Suffolk County really. Yeah Yeah I think they. Of course once they blew up. They went somewhere this as I started to you know like the product but I know anything really about the company. Now you're on the products and hopeful so But now I understand it and I understand just how popular popular it is unbelievably popular products. So this is one of the reasons why they're able to afford. I guess a super bowl commercial and the people that are in it. Yeah and are. Have you found found yourself eating. Did they send you a whole case. So they want to send US everything over here. Believe me and I was like I dunno fouls Hamas guy you home sky law the Hamas Hamas. This Guy Oh absolutely love Bahamas yes I love some Hamas. Yeah give me. I like the The spicy one. Whatever that the Hummer the Hummer hundred percent Miss Miss Jerry the That's different. Yeah right completely different by the way they are bringing the Hummer brand back but underneath. GMC Oh are they. Yeah you know. President Obama didn't want us to drive homers for some reason so footprint of sasquatch absolutely hell hell vehicle so is coming back nothing says uh-huh what what what are we going to do like when we build like GPS and stuff like that for the military we get we have well. We're going to put up like you know battery charging stations in the desert. I'd probably not at probably wars a little bit different than you know going back and forth the target okay. That's just me I'm not. I'm not so sure all right so you. Will you know when the commercial airs that I. I'll probably know that next week. Okay now are you hoping for specific part of the game. Where you think more arrivals beyond like like I think this is going to be a great game so I think it's going to be a very interesting game but it'd be nice to have it like in the middle of the second quarter I think? Okay the middle of the second for the earlier the better just in case. It's a blow out e-. I don't think it's going to be able to do. I know I don't think it'll be a blow out either but I mean it could be you never no less people are watching of course as you know as the game goes on so I don't I don't necessarily know that this will make it to the world's greatest super bowl commercials or the Super Bowl's greatest commercials show next year but this year show is GonNa be Wednesday January twenty ninth at eight pm okay. So while we're down there we could. Yeah we can watch times going out to dinner that night and we I'll bring it make sure we have a TV there and we can all watch it. So there is a I was invited to a fight on Thursday night. Me and a guest. It's a zone fight it's a WBO middleweight. Championship ship fight. I believe that's right right Miami that they're having they're doing superbowl week and of course it's going to be a little bit later because it's a five where is it I gotta get you all the details but it's right. It's right around where we're at. It's not that far. I looked it up yesterday. I forget the name of fight around where at where we're at. Yeah yeah is it on on the beach no no no no. It's all hold on some sort of venue that can hold a fight. Yeah and it's not where the heat place no it's yes it's not it's To live from the Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami. That's where it's going to be the Meridian and it's macarthur caused who's fighting was I told you it's the WBO middleweight champion. I need to know the name hold on a second. Get your name Thursday night fight. It's Thursday night Thursday night fight night. Yeah I'll get you all the information right here. Issue a Thursday night it's going to be Too that's a killer killer for me. I love this stuff but we gotta get up the next day and do a show. Oh and I will I mean Jerry just got ten minutes asleep and was able to go so Demetrius Andrade is going to defend his world. WBO World Middleweight. Championship against Luke. Keillor I'm not interested. No no no no no. Are you a big I. I know but I'm on boxing. Guy Drought Agata me. I will be in this particular matchup. And then there's a tevin farmer and Joe Dias so is there. Is that really what I don't know. Maybe actually I I mean is that what's going on here. I just want to go rub elbows with the entree and say I do have my bronze bomber t-shirt on today. I'm not going to support. Yeah I know Al.. It's too late for you but you know what screw you on one hundred percent we get it we know GonNa miss out on it. You'RE GONNA miss out but I definitely want to go and I think if you WANNA go to but we're you know ticket yours. I I right right of refusal. I write a refusal. Yeah Yeah Kinda. CBS's CBS has with Tony. Romo I know Jerry Jerry would go. He's the guy who's game the rest of the guys I don't know I mean I barely even ask you guys you. Yeah I just try to keep it you know. Just try to keep consistent during this week because there's a lot of stuff going on. Yeah I got nothing going on. I just love dinners as long as I title have something to do for dinner. I'm cool nights five thirty six o'clock the latest. No No. We're only down there a couple of days I'm going to try to maximize demise and I'm going to be maximum. I if you guys want to go. It's going to be awesome. Sure it'd be great tickets it'll be tremendous disown will be streaming minute. So it'll be pretty cool. No one's ever asked me to go. Nobody ever asked him to go anywhere I do not. I'm really not interested in what's up to if you want to give my opinion. Eli Manning yeah go ahead I think he's a great quarterback. I L Hall of Famer you Manning Fan but tomorrow during the press conference. He's not a Lotta cry. You can't do it because he cried. During his last game he cried when he got benched. Regino issue can't cry three times did he. Did he cry cry and his last game on remember. Remember that in a press conference sorta like on the field. What do you leaving the field? And he met his family he started crying. I understand I appreciate that but you can't cry three time. You know the greatest athletes of all time is. Don't you know who that is right. Mark Messier art now Mark Messier. Marcus I mean he turns on the floodgate me. Just it's just unbelievable. It's just non stop. Another one was is Dick for meal. He would cry when he'd give the team's injury. Yeah yeah he getting in the press conference right yeah he cried all with time but no mark Messier hasn't been cryer. I think there's a there's a choke up moment. Definitely that has to be. Maybe like a pause back guys guys understand like what goes into. I get to do what he's been doing for sixteen years. I've been donated his whole life to be the first time since he. There's probably nine years old that he is going to take the uniform off for good. I will not knock him if he cries. Because there's been times in my life for I have I shed tears in situations like that. I'M NOT GONNA cry. Shame situation like that..

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