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That's what I'm saying. This is my seat. So he doesn't get a chance to kick that field goal. If something else doesn't happen early in the game. The Rams were until they couldn't get anything going offense ably the defense had played well the defense like we talked about saved them eight points early by turning a couple of touchdowns into a couple of field goals. So the defense showed up from the opening kickoff. But the offense had fifteen yards of offense. When all of a sudden, they've got a fourth and five from about midfield. They've got nothing going in Sean McVay Dow's up another fake, he has Johnny Hecker. The punter throw a pass to Sam shields defensive back in the past was perfect. A good catch. Shields. Made a nice little move to get the extra yards to pick up the first down that was a balls. Call and it worked perfectly and it changed the game. Because from that point forward. The Rams offense started click. No it did. I was like damn he got a lot of guts to do that. Because you're throwing a football to a guy plays defense. Back, but you're having a pun or do it grows? Good balls and things of that nature. But come on, man. You throw the ball to do it play defense and back for reason because he couldn't play wide receiver. But in that particular moment, he turned into a wire receiver, and it converted in the Rams, do it all the time is not something that is a surprise. You should know the one team that will do this to you every single game. The Rams and. The New Orleans Saints were not prepared for that surprise cookie. You know, what else to do it to you every time? That's right. Do cockatiel Dookie. Yes. Cocco doodle do. I get it. I understand what's going on. It is my update, and Manny pack, y'all had a fight in Vegas this past week in. And there was some Floyd Mayweather sightings in spotty running around Vegas. He lives in Vegas, but he was running around talking about what he wanted to get back into the ring Rosh gear with Manny pack. Yeah. Here's what happened. It was a big file, obviously, Manny window. Forty years old beat Adrian Brodie twenty nine it was a little bit bigger to a former a two-time champion himself. Joe Thanh champion dominated the fight. But the big winner will sit and ringside and that was Floyd Mayweather who actually has promoting helping promoting a fight. Why would he be a big winner? Well, because here's the thing. Manny looks great the best. I've seen them looking five to six year four pack. Yeah. He looked great beat a twenty nine year old, man. Just nanomoles decision. Maybe lost two rounds? Beat them up was a good fight fund. Fight beat up a nineteen year old. I don't know. But I'll tell you what. Tell you what age difference between many Becky how in that guy is just eleven nineteen. But. One you've got to carry. But anyway, was there the obvious question was since looks so well are we going to see Manny Pacquiao and Floyd? And Manny said, hey, I want him to come out of retirement. Let's do it. Let's get that ring. And so I don't wanna see, you know. The casual public and people went nuts for it in the it'll sell, and I bet you what he'll do since Cannella assigned to fight Jacobson think Demayo. A betcha he'll sign a fight Manny Paquis out and get you what he's going to say. I'm fighting Cinco de mayo moon guarantee you. Pack yao. The worst flights I've ever seen. But was it pre that that UCF FC whatever he He was. was. But but Paki I was hurt. He had an injured shoulder. This time pack, y'all be healthy people say disarm. He has a chance and he looked great like I say this weekend. So I think that's where we're gonna see how she you. See Anthony, wack, lack tortilla. No out there. I did see Anthony wack record Tino, yellow hands. John's all the guys we put down some money. We do know there's a lot of things going on out there..

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