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I'm gonna I'm gonna throw one more little factor into the mix here, and that's the television attraction than the ratings. They'll bring in and Notre Dame is golden it's a marquee team. Right. That's true. Money money talk. Yeah. You bet when they're putting things together that the TV the networks are in the room. But the number two in America. Sides Notre Dame state, Ohio State. They and they and they actually track travel the best they bring the most. That's another factor is how many tickets can they sell? National championship game at my. Listen last night. Somebody said it was out Gallini Palo Alto. San STAN sandwiches Stanford's field. I think it's out in Palo Alto. I didn't hear that last night. I can't imagine starting to dome somewhere now Palo Alto in the winter is they've well they've held Super Bowls in Palo Alto. Yeah. So the weather in that San Francisco areas, not all that bad and be to try to create some interest in the west coast because let's face it. The west coast is left out of this thing. You're going to see Washington and maybe Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. That's going to be about. Washington state land was somewhere Utah. But it'll be you know, smaller bowl somewhere. Anyway. Prediction is thirty eight thirty one Georgia Georgia. Do the five thousand. I'll go I'll give Alabama down. Now. Game. Make sure to keep the ball on the ground and keep challenging keep challenging that that Alabama front sat to be great as got outta hit. I and you know. Oh, absolutely. Go out and smash smash mouth. You're right, right. So they only weakness I've seen in that Alabama team. Otherwise, man, they. Just as strong as they've always been and the the only team that I think has a pretty good chance again them as Clemson clemson's loaded too loaded. They got a freshman quarterback. That's always a little bit of a question. But man, Clemson has got a great defense. And you know, the offense can post enough points to keep up with anybody. Well, I thought that South Carolina about the state of fact Carolina got out of the football business. You know? I won't go there. I'll just let that be. Yeah. You're right. Davos, grab the mic Coburg clips people down my goodness. But anyway, I hate to tell you that boys. But I think we're heading for another Alabama Clemson national title game. Disagree. I think it will be Alabama Georgia. To play tomorrow. And I think he won't be Alabama Georgia play in the championship game. Now that would be that would be interesting to match ups with their old within three games of each other. All right. We gotta get a rolling here. Dino got a whole lot of folks up here wanna get in. Let's say what what what's the car? We have a current one right in the trendier. Everyone's familiar familiar with the mistletoe tradition. What is the color of the berries of the plant? The the rich behind my house full of mistletoe and the berries are white. He got it. Actor laser white. Yes, sir. Dana..

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