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Bottom of the subwoofer yeah yeah boot sank well how we need to get a man can now this weekend the researchers said okay a forty five Ken boon for the weather channel stand by after the fact checked somebody story not yours Sir you're good to go why is it so warm here versus Atlanta what is your temperature there were like ten degrees warmer in Atlanta is that true right now I don't know if it's quite ten degrees I just happen I'm just staring at one of your new sites there from a story was against is thirty four in Atlanta right now and on the that's fine it's fine you know no I don't think it's that cool cold here in Atlanta no well tell channel the seventies as well just like you yeah tell channel eleven they're stupid though I DO see upper upper thirty so I mean I guess I guess depending on where you are in north Georgia could say thirty four but okay aren't well for now we went right well both places today temperatures are getting into the seventies in Raleigh looking at a mix of clouds and sun all the way up to about seventy three degrees this afternoon should be a nice one we do have some rain headed our way that looks like temperatures are gonna stay well above average all week long fifty three tonight increasing clouds tomorrow near seventy and then rain expected heading through Wednesday and especially Thursday temperatures both afternoons will be near seventy degrees cooling back up into the fifties as we head into Friday with that rain tapering to an end you guys don't want to get to warm up there because you're interstates in Atlanta keep catching fire man sorry so that that did happen again yeah yes it does all right all right thank you what if Ross.

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