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The world is full of leaders. Religious military activists heads of state many people look to these leaders for guidance. Some people reject them, but a small percentage want to kill them assassinations looks through the lens of both the target and the assassin and asks did the assassin achieve his or her underlying objective. And if so how did it change the world search for and subscribe to assassinations wherever you listen to podcasts. Due to the graphic nature of this episode. We advise extra caution for our listeners Myra Hindley crimes against children and young teenagers were particularly disturbing. As a warning. This episode includes descriptions and discussions of rape sadism pedophilia child abuse and child murder listener discretion is advised especially for listeners under thirteen. Between nineteen sixty three and nineteen sixty five children began disappearing across Manchester England, Pauline read, John Kilbride, Keith Bennett, and Leslie and Downey vanished into thin air taken from the world by the sadistic rape. And torture duo, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley by nineteen sixty four Myra and Ian had become skilled child predators. They could lure children away from carnivals and busy markets without leaving a single witness in their week. She was the cheese, and he was the mouse trap Myra would win the children's trust and lead them to their tortured ends at Ian hand. However after they buried their fourth victim ten year old Lesley Ann, Ian, lost his lust for killing and for Myra. They had already raped and murdered four children and gotten away. With it. What more could they possibly do? How could they twist the knife deeper? How could they make the thrill bigger Myra Hindley and Ian Brady hatched depraved plan? They were going to murder their next victim before a live audience. Picture a murderer against her a thief. Did you picture a woman? We didn't think so society associates men with dangerous crimes, but what happens when the perpetrator is female every week. We examined the psychology motivations and atrocities of female criminals. Hi, I'm Sammy ni-, and I'm Vanessa Richardson. And you're listening to female criminals on the park cast network today. We'll take a look at the final murder of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady's killing career in the nineteen sixties. We'll discuss how they're terrible legacy has continued forever alive in British history. Thanks in part to what happened after my written Enes trial. If you wanna listen to any previous episodes, you can find them and all of par casts shows on your favorite podcast directory. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram as at par cast and on Twitter at par cast network. Many of you have asked how you can help the. Show if you enjoy the podcast the best way to help is to leave us a five star review. Last week, we dove deeply into the crimes and psychology of Myra Hindley and her lover Ian Brady by early nineteen sixty five twenty two year old Myra and Twenty-seven-year-old in Brady where at an impasse with their murderous hobby. Ian was bored and afraid he had already accomplished all he would in his life. He would later tell his prison pen pal that had begun to hate himself after Leslie Ann Downey's murder. Not because of the terrible things he and Myra had done to her. But because she had represented a pinnacle achievement for him. How could he ever top it Myra could sense Ian pulling away from her? She followed the public search for Lesley Ann Downey obsessively and brought snippets back to him. She hoped that celebrating the police's failure to find Leslie Ann would help them bond again, but it didn't work. Ian, only seemed happy when he spent time with David Smith. The husband of Myra sister, Maureen Ian, saw a lot of his. Younger radical self in David and David satisfied. Ian need for Atta ration-, Ian was in a way the men David aspired to be he often turned to, Ian for advice unaware that he had chosen a monster in human clothing, his mentor in July nineteen sixty five Maureen and David moved into a building near Myron 's home Myra arranged for all four of them to picnic on Saddleworth. Moore's any chance they could on one of these outings e Andrew David has long harbored fantasies of robbing a Bank David seemed as excited as Myra had been about the chance to make a life changing amount of money together. He and Myra began to plan their heist. But just as Ian had once tested Myra with the Bank robbery fantasy to see if she would go along with him on something darker and deadlier it also feels like Ian was testing David to eventually, Ian, boasted to David that he had killed and gotten away with it more than once though, we don't know the context of the conversation, we do know that my wrote about the incident in her journal later, David didn't believe in and dismissed Ian claims as drunken boasting, but telling David about what he had done seemed to real wakened something in Ian in their time alone. Myra started to notice aliens return to form he was upbeat excited and pensive he had something dark on his mind soon enough. She knew he would tell her what it was on October fifth nineteen sixty five e and hold Myra. It was time to kill again this time. However, they would let someone watch them kill. This person, Ian, hoped would become a sort of Prentiss this murder would also be different because Ian would lure their victim in this time. He already knew exactly who their victim would be a young man he had met during his brief break from Myra in nineteen sixty three when Ian had frequented Manchester's gay bars just as she had done before their previous murders. Myra set about collecting supplies and organizing the particulars. She wrapped the trunk of her car and plastic and gathered there knife lengths of cords and shovels together. On the off chance they were discovered. Myra also gathered all of the notes they had put together for their potential Bank robbery and hid them away. From the house around ten thirty pm on October sixth nineteen sixty five Myra dropped Ian off at Manchester, central railway station and waited while Ian win inside to look for a familiar face and spotted the teenager. He was looking for immediately seventeen. Eighteen year old Edward Evans and apprentice engineer at the railway station who had met while cruising Manchester's gay bars. The year before Edward was drinking at the stations bar when Ian clapped him on the back and sat

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