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Goodness Willa cours this year is not. The best that I've experienced. I'm Robert. G. Hecker Rooney and jam I couldn't agree more I'm cody Johnston Dali guys I think it's going pretty well, I'm Katie stall. That is. Well I guess we should spend the next hour or so discussing whether or not this year's very good or not. Since clearly, that question hasn't been answered by the title of the show Crappy that quick poll quick poll in the chat goodyear no less than good. Yeah. In like if it like if it's good re tweet if it's not. So. Let's get onto the actual subject of the episode that we're doing today. So that today we'll have an episode. Love having episodes. Don't we folks? K. Katie Cody. What do you? How do you? What's your opinion on Q. It on? Jury still out I think so. I. Think it's dangerous and said. Yeah, those are those are the two words I would use. I would if I had to pick to try to make some joke but no dangerous and sad and Disturbing and depressing. Yeah, all of the above. L. Hard to completely understand. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's very complicated and very frightening and very, very dangerous and. I think what's what's something that I think I want to highlight is that it took a long time for everybody in like the mainstream media to start to get on the same page about number one in on being worth talking about a number to the fact that actually this is a very important story. Today our guest is somebody who for the last like I. Don't know since I've known her which is close to four years. Now has been like repeatedly yelling at the entire world to please pay attention to what the hell is happening with on because it's important and dangerous and terrifying, and she was yelling about that years ago when the only people who were close to the mainstream and talking about Q. on would just make fun of it. And now that there's twenty people who might wind up in Congress who are tied to it one way or the other. She's she's still trying to warn people. This is Sarah hightower. Welcome to the show. How are you Sir Hightower? Voltron of sadness and compassion and. Yeah you did tell me. and would you what? Let's let's let's go back in time a little bit Sarah. When did you realize? Because obviously Cunanan start tapping in this weird like it's a, it's a four Chan thing where like people that drop start going up and this like weird little community starts to form at what point were you like? This is going to be a problem because the Internet has all sorts of weird little communities and most of them don't wind up potentially putting twenty people in Congress. So at what point were you like? This this is an issue. Mid To late twenty eighteen. Shortly I think after the own rikio executions so that would have been a little bit after July a c. you had the visibility of trump rally. You've had the Redan standoff and I had a friend I knew in real life who came to ask me me for help because her her parents were talking to her anymore. They were watching youtube videos about on. In its I think you didn't just mention how Rico for for no reason there you've drawn a number of comparisons between in for folks who are listening we covered this in behind the bastards or anything but. I guess a brief overview of own Shimrikyo is that they were kind of a an apocalyptic Colt that gained an enormous amount of power including some political power. In Japan, made some very dangerous weapons carried out a number of attacks including the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway. That'd be kind of the the the barest cliff's notes you have mentioned repeatedly a lot of similarities you see between Alma and Cuban on you WanNa talk a little bit about that. Yet. But first of all it's important to correct you. They? They had some people who'd sort of infiltrated like police departments and things like that. But when they ran a candidates for the house elections so the Japanese Congress elections in Nineteen Ninety they lost all twenty five people lost obviously. So Emma. His kyan thirty doing better. Job Queue. But, a, let's see. Now. I'm very concerned. But you're asking about this is that I see in between like In Cunanan okay people, there's the Celtic no you obviously and the fact that they're they're both. Awesome. Deal. With happy high demand groups the very cult very absolutist in major and at the core. Of the radical belief system like when you really start to peel back at, you may start to dig through it. It sites very antisemitic. Lansing. anti-semitic carrots. Kabul giddy stay the swamp the aluminum naughty them. Just pretend up at the triple brackets indicate or come from. So yeah no, it's the there are a lot of similarities you don't have to have a physical compound to be a call to. And you don't have to have really a cult leader like I think there's a lot of folks who don't understand it. Well, who place a lot of importance on figuring out who Q. is and I guess maybe there was a point at which that would have mattered. But I honestly don't even know if that's true and it certainly doesn't matter now I think it does you didn't get to in terms of actually stopping it. What is the what would be the value of like figuring out who this guy is? I mean lady her whatever the Guy Posts. Into Yeah the individuals because it seems like it's more than one of them certainly. I mean the theory, the working during the one that I personally scribe to is that it's changed hands of the past years and if you look at who's running eight coon. It's a person. Doing you now, but we'll get into that later on our concern about that but you're asking what the value might be in actually knowing. Well in. Terms of action. What would have profiled cult leader? You don't want to get my head. I think there might be a use doing that for for the sake of like a good. But do you think that's actually going to help in taking in sleight Indira? This this situation and actually like like dealing with the Colt itself like at this point nobody's GonNa believe you. If you say that the that like nobody who's affected by Q. I don't think would believe you if you like you. You point this person did it or this person do like from a perspective of making this less dangerous right now? You're right about that. But I still think that there's there value. Intriguing out who has posted as to in just how this they grew who's controlling it now because I mean. We're on the outside Meka work to do..

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