Frederick, President Trump, George Floyd discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


Find your inspiration in the Catholic archdiocese of Washington visit eighty W. dot org Dave told I WTOP's traffic will have scattered strong to severe thunderstorms and downpours out there through the evening hours you do want to remain weather ready threats include not only heavy rainfall but gusty damaging winds hail and frequent lightning as well temperatures tonight fall into the sixties with storms and rain exiting the area around the night as a cold front moves through tomorrow mostly sunny skies lowering humidity levels throughout the day upper seventies to mid eighties low to mid seventies for highs on Sunday with plenty of sun and a bit of a breeze and storm team four meteorologist Emily draper okay this severe thunderstorm warning is affecting parts of Loudoun Frederick Washington and Jefferson County is that of course in West Virginia right now especially right around Bolivar you just heard Dave deal going talking about Harper's ferry that is a big storm moving to the east of about thirty five miles per hour other also other areas in into Braddock heights that are included in this particular morning area if you live in Brunswick and Ballenger creek in Frederick this is headed your way there is still very strong storms north of there up to the PA border near Emmitsburg that is not warranted but that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep your eye on it these storms could have gusts up to sixty miles per hour it's three eleven new this afternoon in Minneapolis the officer caught pressing his knee into George Floyd snack is under arrest and charged with murder this comes after three days of protests that morphed into violent writing meantime is Minneapolis tries taking back control of the streets president trump is threatening to take action if it doesn't and in a tweet considered so inflammatory.

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