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I think he's one hundred percent right and people like will scream. The defense is being legislated out there were interceptions last night. There were strip sax last night. There were touchdowns as a result of these things. What are your well? Do you know who the best player in the field was last night wasn't an offense? Aaron Donald is the best last night. I think Maske nailed it. I think a lot of it has to do with this antimony you going away a lot even gone away known at the class of. I'm reading it's actually there's not there's no controversies this year. There's no heavy elections stuff that we had two years ago. Offense is clearly helping but Tony Blankley. Talk with Tony right now that matchup last night there. Two of those matchups. It's among three teams. Right. It's the three teams that can do that. You're not seeing that every Sunday you're seeing that between three no right now. Kevin when you tune into the red zone offense offense issue, but you're not getting fifty four fifty one. Every of course, not but you're getting final second walk off place. Oh, yes. The time. Hyundai was incredible excitement of that has boot the ratings are fine with that. The NFL's dead. It's dead. Michael wilpon, who's yet rid of the Wilbad get rid of the NFL will both of you vastly over estimate the impact of national anthem and things like that. And political you let y'all appropriately hated talking about. I don't think that's what score ratings down a couple of things one in. This is the mom factor. Right. A lot of people worried about concussions. Yes. And I think interest in the league general has gone down. And just when you start to say to yourself as you're managing how much time you have to watch different things. Freshman football kind of done with that a game. Like, this sucks. You back in right? And a high scoring game something suck shoe back in the sport has a way of dragging you back in there are three teams at the top of the charts. They're Kansas City, which would be third at the moment because Kansas City has lost to both New Orleans and the terrible defensive right? And they are the Rams would be second right now. Maybe we're I. But at the saints, I think might be I right now because they beat the Rams but New England. Has proven over long period of time including this year. New England has proven because they beat the chiefs. If you don't wanna comes down to it. We can win two and those four teams right teams are above everybody else. It's been a wonderful thing to watch. Steve young. I watched the post game with with your boy, Scott van pelt this morning and Steve was talking Steve Young. And Steve Young's erect quote was hot to get on the field because quarterbacks thighs men feels the same way. I'll bet they feel I have room. I have time. They can't kill me. Let me get out there. And that's that's what you're seeing. I don't know that there's no defense. I think these offenses they're good. They're actually a couple of very good defenses this year, Tony. But yeah, the scorings up in the excitement of the games on Sunday. I think you had five or six walk off finishes. And you know, I think football fans enjoy last night. But I think longtime football fans also enjoy seventeen fourteen walk off time as long as exciting. It doesn't have to last night was a sick twelve game. I mean, it really was it was you had to if you were to list the great offense of mine. Lines. You make a list of the top five offense of mines on. Everybody's list of those top five that would include Andy Reid that would include Sean McVay that would include Sean Payton a win the game today. Now right now those three so you had two of them last night. And that that was tremendously exciting. And by the way, Chuck Todd five tied. If you recall when that game was going to be played in Mexico City..

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