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But I see a silhouette of a man carrying a big furry cat at my face went into my hands. And I'm like, it's teddy fucking hearts. I don't even believe it. And so he gets in. He's got the cat. What's the cat's name again? Mr money. I think the cat's name is. I'm so sorry little. Mr. money three what happened to the other to Tom? With that fucking guy. Probably like their his crack testers. You know what I mean? Like, did it di-? No, all right. Teddy are going in. He's got that face that old gang street face. Craxi's? Thank you. And that's my cousin. Kathleen, thank you. Sibley family all weekend. Yeah. Right. My family's been here all week and oh God last night after the did I go to MRs and doctors Sibley were in the house. Yeah. We got my dad on stage and everything. But after the show is meeting my cousins for just drink at the bar that was like right down the street from the venue, and we were closing everything up, and they text me. And they're like, hey, we wanna go somewhere else. There's porn playing on the TV here. And gang grows behind the bar. Just like mix it up like who wants to Bloody Mary I make them weird. There's some high quality porn, I wonder who made it. So I go over there. And sure enough there three people fucking on the TV and my cousin simply be right. There told why he ran out, and I was like is he going to go get them like they're adults. They can leave hold on to my jacket guys Sibley saw porno went Kool aid man through the wall. It was some artsy independent film. That's that has sex in it just really shocked the square like Reverend their stuff in there passing tour the door. Come on, Tom. And you're like, so it wasn't a porn. It was like an independent movie was some major fucking in it. Where the people are like. Like nymphomaniac or what other one? Was it would be like one of those movies? Yeah. And it was and there was also a cat sitting in front of a fireplace. When you walked heady. No wasn't Teddy's cat. This cat looked happy and healthy. It didn't have to work a wrestling show later. I'd never noticed. I've seen tidy hard plenty of times and with the cat, but I've never seen him get in the ring with the cat, and then put the cat on the top turnbuckle and then just slowly back away. Like, it's a magic trick. And then the cat is just on the turnbuckle motionless expressionless. Well, I think. He puts the cat writing. I think puts the cat up there. Because a lot of people think that's the vibe. I got was that every a lot of people thought it was a stuffed animal, and then when he puts it up there and walks away from it. It starts looking around. And then the applause gets bigger. Okay. So then so then the Briscoes come out. And now, I'm just like. Believe it on to there was music, but it wasn't the usual like oh reach for the sky. None of that bullshit. And then you're thinking Jay Briscoe going to bite the head off of this cat. Where's where's where's cousin? Eddy. Usually heats these not anymore. Clark cincy found out there too high cholesterol. Scrooge. Oh, no. That's the hilarious joke. One of the Brits came out, and they saw the cat and they're saying they went what's are doing doing out here. Get it because they were going to. Yeah. I feel like it was the same joke. Just said with different words, it was it was this is a singer in his anger show seeing. This is just like it is when we're sitting in one of our homes..

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