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Today take that america how about your safety i'm going to johnson garnell gartner johnson has got three name on their hard to say from florida because florida just keeps turning out these guys in the secondary is it d bu you know honestly the last couple of years it might be them or state the state's got all of this corners they don't really produce many safeties von bell was the second rounder yeah that's about it so there i it's one of those two like you said and then one of my favorite guys that i scouted all of last year andrew winger d from wyoming here's the best player on their team last year he was and i'm gonna make a perfect segue for you into this top five this week's top five college football uniforms and say draft so we cannot overlap and i want to segue does wyoming make your big board man they don't but whites twitter blew up today while i was in the shower why oh means up there i know that they're pissing shit uniforms of yellow and brown it's a weird color scheme but their uniforms are good the white helmet with the dark jersey with light pants is clean i don't know that this is a oil yet because we're drafting i bet an adidas school doesn't make my list same i hate adidas uniform that that what a quarter in my pocket and i can't feed wyoming i believe they're nike school it looks good they're not probably not going to make my list i'll actually defer i'll let you pick i i yeah we're going to one is the second drafting we gotta go one through five put a quarter in my pocket it's okay i'll do per number one that sounds like a fifty cent records number one giving those texas white stormtroopers motherfucker number one is texas see i knew you were going to do that and they're okay i don't think they'd make my top five what yeah i do love the stormtrooper uniforms but they're just they're getting kind of bland the need to incorporate some like black or something i love the helmets the all whites the i know it sounds like blasphemy put for me it doesn't get better than that michigan helmet and that's why they are going to be my first big you know that i'm right though those michigan helmets are sick people try to copy him all the time instan delaware and people are like no that's the michigan helmet i don't care what color you put on it that's michigan helmet and you know nobody looks better in any college uniform then charles woodson the rose in his mouth whatever blue shade that is and maize maize and mazes yellow maize and it's just as them blue thing okay i didn't know if they had some fancy term for it make my boy dan barnes happy going michigan just moms influence on you know you're the one that was a michigan fan i was never michigan i wasn't michigan fan i'm going to own it and you've thrown me for a loop my friend i'm going to maybe just shocked the world here like muhammad ali i don't know if you're ready for this better i am i know matt bowen is i'm going to hawkeye's ohio hawkeye's number two k they were on my list but i will tell you they were at the bottom what an here's why they stole their uniforms from the stealing how great do they look there's great but the took literally someone else's uniforms and just like and made it better do that no i love iowa's uniforms k love i'm going to break the rules a little bit here i don't know if this is allowed podcast we knew if we want to schools what for number two army and navy the uniforms that they come up with every year for their game they are good or amazing i can remember being in the hotel room this year watching the game we're army was wearing all whites in the snow there cleaned that was nice and if i you made me pick one i would say the army uniforms would just be number two for me because that thanks popular old helmet with the black jersey that says west point on the.

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