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Gop tax plan with just twelve legislative days until the end of the year senate republicans are still pushing to get their tax reform bill through the house has already passed its version the rally in seattle today was part of a nationwide day of protest against the in tynan uh with a group seattle indivisible says protesters here wanted to make sure the voices have been told by people in congress did make a difference in the healthcare fight and we hope to make a difference again should a republicans could von there bill through this week president trump has said he wants to sign the measure by christmas by three strikes offender who was granted freedom by a former governors back behind bars colors jennifer solve in reports stony river was given what prosecutors called a once in a lifetime the second chance but now he's facing a mortgage jr it started as a drug by inside this teeth can't motel earlier this month the victim was shot in the head while mr rivers was attempting to steel money and drugs from that victim 90s later rivers walked into the king county jail he allegedly told detectives he went to the motel simply looking for crystal meth not to hurt anyone now rivers is charged with firstdegree murder for david cabrera's november second death and assault for threatening cabrera's growth a codefendant only a swath offered is facing the same charges this incident if he is convicted will mr rivers six strike in 2013 then governor chris gregoire commuted rivers three strikes throughout the sentence something recommended by king county prosecutor dan sattar birth saturday declined to comment in charges filed last week senior deputy prosecutor john casselton said quote rivers continues to commit crimes even when he's on commute custody and even.

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