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Oh no reagan and they'll eventually get it also i think that's the big change now the one thing i've been pleasantly surprised about in dan alluded to it earlier up alabama uh have some fans data really excited about basketball uh we have a rich tradition here going back to whip sanderson in and see a new newton and we've sent a ton of players city in the laboratory with the alabama he's one seven ring seven championships and antonio mcdyess said more williams and back the guys like derrick mckey y play with at seattle so we have a rich history here in and people are starving for basketball the really be relevant here uh in in any spin exciting to see the support we've gotten uh from our fan base goes however you handled this summer you know college basketball now you can work out a little bit summer cracked is you can do things uh wh what what's your philosophy college kids in the summertime do well the the great thing about us is we just started uh uh practicing for our ecs sedition games in canada with uh iin the second week of august so we have these ten practice days so that's that's been unbelievable that we're able to get in here really have some real practices uh getting ready for a canadian trip and i'm able to practice earlier in the week and then we obviously go out and recruit but i just think the main thing is about skill development so when we're on our normal practice where you only get two hours a week you know we try to break down in a three forty minute.

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