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You gave me up tune to play and I really appreciate it. So I went home and I was home for two weeks mil mil. April. And my agent calls me up and says the Detroit Tigers won't you? I said, what I said many fifteen, and they don't need me. He said the Detroit Tigers once you. So it wants you triple and today's. So I had to pack up again and go AAA. Well, I took you know they didn't put me right away. I took a week to get conditioning again, and then put me in the lineup I had a contract and says, if I'm not in the big league by June. I, I could ask for my release. Played in Evansville. And I was again, playing real. Well, I wanna top players league RBI's. I was hitting pretty good hitting three hundred and the Tigers came to me a day or two before, June first and they said, we know that you got a June first deadline to be in the big leagues. He they said, high of it where you stay a couple of extra will you give us a couple of days extra? So we can get a roster move for you and my agency. Well, lot of people won't you right now as a year, but they didn't give me a chance. I said Detroit gave me a chance. I said, I wait. So I waited and then they got the big leagues June fifth. Of that year. And I had I had I had to fortunately with some warriors, some great ballplayers. I mean great ballplayers probably the best ball players on one team at at at that particular time in their careers. Lou Whitaker, Allen tramway Kirk Gibson, Chet lemon lands. Peres Jack Morris, Willie Hernandez was an MVP Cy Young winner. That year Dan Petri. I mean I play with some warriors. We had about six guys hit double figures. Home runs on T an extra man's would just extra man was fantastic. And sparking knew how to manage. Sparky ever know how to manage captain hook. I remember they called him in Cincinnati. What was it like playing for sparky Rubai? I always regarded sparky as one of the finest men forget baseball, just one of the finest men I had ever met. He is wanting to find his men that you'll ever meet. Okay. He was a man who was he had his ways. Now he'll tell you the minute boys, my way or the highway. Yep. But, you know, he was it was it was a great man. Sparky didn't manage the game on hunches, sparky marriage the game the same way all the time you can always think when when when he's gonna use you. So if you extra man, you knew certain situation, you, you need to be ready because spark is gonna put you in the game. You know, it we're going to be like the last minute on man. You gotta you gotta go in you knew before that you might have to go in. So you always ready, mentally, and physically..

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