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Savak time competing wasn't get about Chris. Hold away. I needed to be you Taj in us. Sabotage. I just beat you know, beat. Competing is you examine you're the guy. I'm not gonna text with right? I'm not going to give away. Anything? I noticed Texan to set you up. Backless all water. You always. I read this. No, sabotage second level third level. Right. Excu. Coachella, check wolf watching closely. Going on here. Going Bill bell Tom Brady to win another Super Bowl. Yes. Lutely the line. You can have more than Winfrey. You know, what I mean, aren't if you have more than what? Ernest these that she touted being your only friend really that what she said, sure. Sure. Chac was hashing the doghouse what you you have no idea that doghouse it's so deep in the dark the. Thank you for being here. Talking about coach Bela check did he now take a shot at Wade Phillips for the Super Bowl. He has been busy. We'll discuss. Bill. Check is preparing for his ninth Super Bowl as patriots head coach. But he's still a time to give props to Rams defensive coordinator. Wade Phillips before New England headed to Atlanta ballot. Check said his own schemes of changed over the last thirty years, but Phillips haven't he added, quote, the system has lasted I have a ton of respect for what he's done and how he's done it over every different kind of offense. You can see so Shawn Merriman, Shannon, both played it. Wade Phillips, Shannon. Let you start with this one. What do those comments from ballot? Check tell you. He's right. He's absolutely right. If you go back to coach Belichick coach Belichick is a three four defensive coordinator cover to their their little pressure. He's not willing normally to take the safety out of the middle of feel. Wade Phillips has always had pass rusher. Skill a lot of people don't know way goes back to New Orleans when they had Rickey Jackson pats. Zwilling Sam meals von Johnson. Yeah. Then he goes to Philly. Reggie White Jerome j boogie Brown class Simmons Russia's buffalo. Bruce Smith, right pop goes, the Denver von Miller d where so he's always had path. Russia this guy. Yeah. Exactly defense rookie of the year. So he's always had guys to go. Get after the quarterback with the exception of JJ watt. JJ exactly. So he's a pressure guy. Coach Bela check with this really the exception. He had he's had a few. But not to the extent that Wade had now LT. That's that's a whole different argument. But the way they played back Dan skip coach Bela check with a covered cover tuten. Now, I won't play cover two. I don't believe you. I'm not gonna give you anything cheap with Eaton. But what we've seen lately, he's branched out. He's gone to little bit more for four down linemen. He will come within. Go. Hi, fainting. He will come with Vero blitz on you. That's not. Coach check we no way Phillips has always been pressure. And he always will be pressure. He will he has guys that can go get after the quarterback when you have an errand Donal when you have a Reggie, Bruce. And all these guys Sean Merriman, you let them do what they do go. Get the quarterback. We're gonna heat him up. We're gonna make the ball come out quick and good normally happen yet. You will give up a few plays. So would you conclude that Wade Phillips has had Tom Brady's number? I wouldn't say he's had when you got the rushers that had you look at what he's had now skip when you've got two guys in. D wears going to be in the hall of fame in bonds on hall of fame. He is and they had guys in the middle that could collapse the pocket and the pocket in his lap. So he can't step up. Tom Brady really skill. He wants to stay in that area. He wants to stay in that ten by nine ten feet nine yards. That's all he wants to do. Well, Maliki and de Wolfe with putting putting it there the off into lime in his lap. And so now he can't step. He has to slide right to bond or he has to slide right to wear..

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