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Right now, the might talk studios mostly clear skies and 41 turning to entertainment used. This isn't my talk dirt alert. Everything you need to know from the world of entertainment and pop culture. Heard at the top of every hour on my talk one of 71. What have you learned to learn Amazon studios confirming it's acquired the worldwide right to the sequel to coming to America called Coming to America. Starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. It's going to be out on March, 5th on Amazon Prime video and original cast members are going to be back, including James Earl Jones, Sherry Hedley, John Amos and Louie Anderson. And this is just the latest big Hollywood movie to go straight to streaming. So with that to look forward to, and speaking of street is the streaming stranger Things four, has announced some big casting news. Better lock your doors and not go to sleep because Robert Englund, Freddy Murder Freddy Mercury, Freddy Krueger himself Is joining the cast of the upcoming season of Stranger Things. He's one of several new actors announced for the fourth Syriza to Premiere date hasn't been set for that. And, finally, Neil time and about to release an album with the London Symphony Orchestra titled Classic Diamonds and to celebrate. He wants to do a global sing along. So for this challenge, Diamond is asking fans across the world to sing Sweet Caroline on video for a huge video release. You have until December 4th to submit your video. And look, then look for the compilation to be released on December 11th. But that's all the dark this hour for more. Check out my talk one of 71 dot com or down with my talk out brand new information, my talk dirt alerts at the top of every hour and at 8 2012 25 20 on my talk one of 71. Oh, yeah. We are one hour 59 2 hours 57 minutes away from the weekend. It's finally here and we're one hour and 70 minutes way from announcing the name in our big contest. Let's just have some fun. That's do it. I love what else are we gonna do? We're doing the countdown already. Two shows our way We haven't even started. This is the kickoff to the weekend, right? Yeah. Hey, Laur. Hello. It has felt like two.

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