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International speedway welcome to the world center of bracing where we are getting set for the coke zero sugar four hundred our second visit the daytona international speedway season i'm woody came alongside kim kun and when we got here it was very hot before long there was a big shower that washed out the second cup practice than we had expected he practice washed out a rather qualifying washed out a controversial finish in that race a cargoes barrel rolling we finally get the cup qualifying and after everybody's been talking ford ford ford for weeks the chevrolets flex their muscles what in the world is going on here cam to say expect the unexpected tone of that's been the case all weekend long and taking into consideration all the things you mentioned on top of the fact that it's torna and anything can happen we know that the history here really anything is possible i think we're in for show tonight another thing to consider this is really the halfway point of the season the playoffs continue to inch closer and closer so it's really go time for some of these teams especially the ones that are on the bubble they've got to turn up the week along those teams have actually circled daytona as their best possible chance to get a win here this season and put them into championship contention so this is an opportunity race you know in the past two three years we've been talking about my gosh are we going to get the sixteen winners in it looked very possible this year the math won't work only six winners nine races to go somebody is getting in on points and we've seen daytona be a race where we've had first time winners you look at the david reagan's of the world member he ran the or won this race back in two thousand eleven his first cup series one and there's a lotta great drivers who are looking for their first win and possibly this is their opportunity to do it right here tonight at daytona all right there's been a lot going on as we said already so let's catch you up on some.

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