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Digging in while thousands go unpaid, I'm del Walters. Fox News government shutdown showing no end in sight. The problem is Democrats talk a good game. But the actions don't match match the rhetoric think about this voted against Cates. Law voted against the the criminal alien act. They support sanctuary cities the voted against the bipartisan budget or the bipartisan agreement on immigration reform that had relief for Dhaka at the same time we had border security. So we have many many issues that we're able to bring to the floor in past. But without Democrats support Arkansas Republican congressman Steve Womack, Democrats blame the White House and say when they take control of the house, the rid lock will end literally as we speak over four hundred and twenty thousand at all employees across the country are going without pay including firefighters are national forests TSA agents who secure Saul during our holiday. Travel and countless others the partisanship rancor and dysfunction of the Trump shutdown is exactly what voters rebuked in November. Colorado democratic congressman elect Jona goose in California. There are mourning. The death of a cop comes as Moore died this year than in years past related deaths where the number one cause of officer fatalities in two thousand eighteen thirteen percent higher than the year before. And when you look at shooting deaths. Fourteen of those officers were attempting to place an individual under arrest. Eight officers were conducting investigative activity at the time of their shooting, death and six officers were killed responding to domestic disturbance calls. This is one of the most dangerous calls officer can go on to Craig Floyd with the national law enforcement officers memorial fund. College football championship has been set. Notre Dame falling to Clemson thirty three Oklahoma falling to Alabama fourth consecutive title game for Nick saban's crimson.

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