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Hey guys welcome back to the show Brad Williams is with us I took three months off to or three dad. Now you gotta go make some money for that kid. Man Asian dwarf babies are not cheap. They're not talking about buying and selling them right now. They're looking. I was in the market to buy a couple. Yeah no I have one. I got a whole Palette of them at Costco starting. I'm starting a new. I'm starting a new reality show. It's called Flip that baby where you get an Asian tour baby and I had a nation of the moment where you're holding your baby on the chest and your cell been behind so fun. Asian Dwarf Baby Flipped their baby. We just put it a guest bathroom. We'll so here's the deal. Your baby just came into a world that we believe is dumb. I agree adding dumber getting louder and louder. You travel around the country. Dumb can actually be very pervasive and how it can kind of just look. I'm sure you deal with a bunch of stupidity around you all the time. What with alcoholics out of Friday night late show dirt during the meet-and-greet person magnet? So you know we we. We are the same. Yeah drunk people either they. You know now that you're you have fame as well. We people either recognize US or see US twins and we are dumb their way. You're kind of and now you're now part of this thing so we have sent to us by our fans and an awesome people in so let's show story elway asked standing up Also says Edmonton warning. This story contains imagery which some readers may find disturbing disagree. But you got ta okay. I liked it the warning and it's from in Edmonton so it's got offensive imagery so I can only imagine it's Wayne.

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