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From NPR news. I'm Ailsa Chang and I'm Mary Louise Kelly coming up the man most likely to replace California Governor Gavin Newsom. If the recall effort succeeds tomorrow, Elder has gravitated towards endorsing these positions and tapping into that voter base with this massive radio network support. First news. Live from NPR news. I'm Janine Herbst. The Pentagon says all flights of Afghan evacuees to the United States have been temporarily halted. That's at the request of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because of measles cases discovered at three different U. S. Military bases housing the refugees. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. Operation Allies welcome flights into the United States remain paused at the request of the CDC for at least seven additional days from today. Kirby says efforts are being made to do contact tracing to determine who at the basis may have been exposed. He says patients are being housed separately and are getting medical care. New York City started enforcing its vaccine mandate for indoor businesses today as NPR's Jasmine guards reports the new requirement that businesses ask customers for proof of at least partial vaccination upon entry. Had been in place for weeks, but it wasn't enforced by the city until now. New York City is deploying inspectors today to enforce the vaccine mandate for restaurants, gyms, bars and other indoor venues. Patrons, 12 or older must have at least a first dose of the Covid 19 Vaccine. Proof can be the paper card given after a dose or the Excelsior Pass a phone app that confirms vaccination. Venues that don't comply will be find anywhere between 1000 and $5000. With around 67% of New York City residents vaccinated. The goal of the mandate is to get more people immunized. Non New Yorkers visiting from out of town will also have to present proof of at least one dose. Jasmine Garza. NPR NEWS New YORK Wall Street ended the day in mixed territory. The Dow was up 261 points at 34,869. That's a three quarters of a percent. The NASDAQ Down nine points of 15,001 05, the S and P 500 up 10 at 44 68. This is NPR. After a year of political deadlock and severe economic collapse. Lebanon now has a fully empowered government but is not a Hamzi reports. The new Cabinet is facing many challenges. Lebanon's new Salvation government will be tasked with bringing the small Mediterranean country out of severe economic collapse. The country suffers from fuel, medicine and electricity shortages and has all but run down its central bank reserves. And over 70% of Lebanon's.

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