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Beers sample. Bry, I got some beers. Its strength appears on sale. People come down. You just saw sometimes hammer. Different bars will bring us bruise to try live on the air. Different distilleries. Different breweries will bring us down stuff. Sometimes you and I purchase our own beer to try on the air We've never had before. And our producer Meghan Lando. Kind enough to provide the beer for beer. Simple Friday, hit it in the Fourth of July weekend. I say it's the least I can do after I spent $75 worth of, uh, spent $75 on mega Mondo merchandise. Of course. Kyle, our producer. His alter ego is a professional wrestler named Mega Mondo and wrestle wrestles semi professionally here in Indy. No, This is the least that I can do for all the love that you guys have been showing me you've gotten thousands of dollars worth of publicity. They just know from TV and radio from the hammer and Nigel Show it is much appreciated. So what did you bring in? So some King just dropped this party pack featuring four of their cream ale flavors talking about the Godfather. The O G. The regular sunlight cream ale, the orange vanilla my favorite of all time, But they've got two brand new flavors, which were about the sample today. Tropical which I have and watermelon, which you guys have crack this open here. Lot of sorts of watermelon cream ale, by the way. Look at that. Sure. Here, got another shirt on today. Appropriate right there. Son, King Indiana Drinking team As long as we're drinking some king here, Nagy, come over here and get this. This is the watermelon Sunlike cream ale. I have never tasted this before. I guarantee I love it. And Kyle, You've got the what is it? This is the tropical all you hear that click of the can. Let's get fourth of July weekend. Golden Boys. Yeah, this is it. This is a good stuff right here. Oh, this is really good. Okay, So Nigel and I have the watermelon Sunlight cream ale. And how would you describe the taste It taste like watermelon. Good breakdown. What? Broadcast school really pay it off their money. By the way, my favorite son King Seasonal right now is also out. Grapefruit Jungle G. F. J had to go to the sinking brewery there off the moon on in Carmel last weekend to get it. I didn't think you liked great. I don't like grapefruit. That's the thing. I hate it, actually. But man, there's something about the G F. J. I can't even Tasted my can't taste it. But whatever. Go ahead, Mondo, the tropical taste like coconut, If you like coconut, this is a good smooth Chris. Clean coconut flavor. Shout out to my boy Nick at the Sun King Brewery for introducing these two new flavors. Something you could just shotgun was sitting out of the pool to try to get that tropical feel right. This is dangerous right here. Remember when Mondo brought in like a six pack of Sun King cream ale, and I drink them all every single one. I didn't even get a drink one. He didn't get a one feels beautiful alcohol. Like ass drink every single one that hears Nigel. I'm going to get you a new six pack still waiting on that six back, right? So I brought one in Shut up. He he made up for it by buying the mega Mondo T shirt, which was more expensive than the Notre Dame play like a champion T shirt that I bought from the official Notre Dame Bookstore on campus. All is forgiven, Nigel All is forgiven. All right. Our left, don't we? Yeah, man, I'm fired up. I love the Fourth of July. I love Independence Day weekend. It's one of my favorite weekends of the year. Let's get things rolling to the Hammer and Nigel show at Lowe's. We.

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