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Yes yes welcome into the tim kernan show on the inside l podcast network i'm your host tim mckernan from the homeowner expert dot com studios this week our guest to saint louis county prosecuting attorney bob mcculloch our conversation begins with his childhood and experiencing the death of his father a police officer killed in the line of duty and all the way to present day and of course over the course of that time he has become saint louis county prosecuting attorney with numerous cases that have not only gotten large local attention but especially in the cases of to national attention in one being axl rose and guns and roses at riverport nearly at this point thirty years ago and of course ferguson which we spend a great deal of time discussing with bob mcculloch and that of course taking place in two thousand thousand fourteen so all of that is here to common a conversation a candid conversation with the saint louis county prosecuting attorney it all comes your way from the home loan expert dot com studios and ryan kelly and his staff making this podcast possible and i wanna make sure that i conveyed to our listeners something that ryan has said to me in that is this that right now if you have credit card debt this is the time to capitalize on a cashout refinance home values continue to go up meanwhile interest rates are extremely low and lessen the average household has sixteen thousand dollars of credit card debt and the way things are set up it is very difficult to get out of that hole well with ryan kelly in with his team at the home loan expert dot com you can get out of.

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