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Kind kind of good type of thing and Empathy i hope. Yeah those are good ones. And who should i have on the podcast. It doesn't matter what industry they're from what they do. They are just someone. I would find interesting. Had julie foudy. I have found as the best ship. That's right you did have. I've actually read that did you have you had If you had a socket yet. No but i would love to. So that's gonna. I think that'll be a wrong. Probably gotten hey. Thank you so much for doing this. This is so fantastic. Talk to you. I could've talked to you for hours longer. But great congratulations on your career. So far you're still young very young though Do you have a dream at all like beyond what if you had the one you can have. What would it be. I'm not very good at that. Unfortunately okay well still weren't gonna yeah good working on the dream. It keeps changing. It used to be to have my own Like kind of late night. Tv show kind of thing. But i think it's it's steve. It's getting a lot bigger. Yeah like steve bear. It's getting a lot bigger to two things that involve big picture. Other people change. As i get older i think is a good sign about me more about we like you said yeah. I think the we is really important when people start to think about things and it makes it more fun. Yeah totally more fun than anything for sure. Oh it's just more fun to be with. Well if you love people. I love people so yeah well. Thank you so much for doing this. I know you're busy and appreciate so much time and for setting it up all right. Thanks a lot. they're good to you. The future yeah for sure at a at a red stars angel city game. Yeah right going. That's what she said. Oh yeah one more thing. This is a place for ransom or raves. Or to tell you to read something. Watch something Check some out. Whatever's on my mind and i think it's quite clear what's on my mind. Go read billie. Jean king's book all in it's out now. What a powerhouse. What a force we. Men women nine binary people as she mentioned. She's led all of us and we owe her a debt of gratitude and we all heard the drive and passion to take up her causes and keep the ball moving in the right direction. Eventually she will run out of time. We need to use our limited time to keep pushing and fighting the way she has since she was twelve years old. For the things that matter. Most what acquaint you can always tweet me at sarahspain. If you've got guest suggestions questions or more you should always go to the. I tunes or podcast. App subscribed it. That's what she said. Was sarah spain rated five stars please and give review. Thanks as always lasting about an hour with me. That's what she said..

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