Getting Personal on Climate With Will Hackman


Today. I'm pleased to be joined by will hackman who has spent the last ten years running political campaigns and advancing public policy related to environmental conservation. And he's now working on a new book project about the need to reframe the climate competent conversation in the us to a more personal level. Now we're ready. Pleased to find out that forty seven percent of our listeners. To the real agenda network are in north america so now we have a new show especially for you but do i sound american Well no. I'm originally from london england but i spent seven great years in san francisco bay area of california where originally i was advising technology companies on global communication. Then i wrote my book from here to prosperity and new political agenda and also worked on the bernie two thousand and sixteen campaign which is indeed. Great fun plus. I was on the national organizing team for a new people's party so it was back in march. When i spoke to we'll hackman was keen to get an update especially about the plans of the new biden administration and its focus for the future. So i started by asking. We'll and we'll know. Climate change is a human survival issue. But what do you see as the biggest problem facing effective action to minimize climate change. So the biggest problem i see is the misunderstanding of what climate change means to people individually we've had decades of greats advocacy and research and scientific cutting edge awareness of of the climate problem to all of us Into nature and natural systems but so many people still don't see the direct link to climate change in their lives. And i think that is the thing you know. I i work in advocacy. I build campaigns for environmental issues and and many different places in the world and you build support for those things by telling a personal story that people can connect with

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