Getting 1% Better Daily Is BS With Carole Mahoney

Daily Sales Tips


Have you heard the phrase are seen the phrasing toss around lately about getting one percent better every day as much as i have your own. Have you ever watched the ups and downs of the stock market or political poll. Tried to wade and invade yourself every single day things ever get one percent better. I mean if only things would be so much easier right. Been around long enough. You know that things just don't happen in this nice neat linear fashion. And i get that for the most part. The intention behind the statement is to focus on small improvements everyday. But there's a dangerous side to this way of thinking because the truth is is that set-backs slip ups and slumps and stuff just happens. Sometimes we have control over it and sometimes we don't for that reason if our focus is on getting one percent better every day we could be setting ourselves up for frustration. Failure for example. I mean in case you haven't noticed or heard. I've started using the same cognitive behavioral approach. That i use in coaching to myself so that i could get healthy. Lose ninety five pounds and i'm pretty psyched to share that. Only fifteen pounds away from my stressful. But it's not like. I've never done this before tried before i have previously whenever i would step on the scale and it went up. I went from let minute journey begin to. What's the point. Never gonna be able to do. This can only do your sales kickoff for training and things look like they're gonna get better only to have them regressed back because wired to follow our preset patterns in the path of least resistance so we stop waiting ourselves. Do we ignore our activity and conversion rates of course not mean how else are we gonna know if we're of course not

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