President Trump, Vladimir Putin, Russia discussed on Mike McConnell


Thirty nine degrees. Right now news a service of Croker, President Trump has cancelled his planned meeting with Russia's president on the sidelines of the g twenty summit in Argentina. That is getting underway. This morning president citing Russia's detention of a group of Ukrainian sailors who were captured earlier in the week. There is a first response from the Kremlin. Now, first response from the Kremlin. President Trump's announcement on Twitter that he is cancelling his meeting with Vladimir Putin at the g twenty nine Tina this weekend of Russia's seizure of those Ukrainian sailors, Putin's spokesman has told the Russian interface news agency that the Kremlin has not been officially informed. They are on route to the summit, which both leaders attending. But the spokesman said if it's true, it means Putin will have a couple more hours for other useful meetings passionate Rievaulx ABC news Moscow, all comes amid a surprise guilty plea by President Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen when it comes to how the Trump organization was negotiating business in Moscow at the same time. Investigators believe Russians were meddling in the 2016 US election admitted to lying to congress about a Moscow real estate deal he pursued on Trump's behalf during the campaign a teen accused of having sex with at least one underage girl. In north college hill is now under indictment eighteen year old Jeremiah Horton, allegedly had sex with a girl in secretly took video of it allegedly sharing that video with fellow students. Once police were contacted they say they found. Picture and video evidence of sex. With nearly two dozen other girls on his phone right now after the indictment. He's charged with two counts of pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor means I'm just like her adult sons earlier this week. Angela Wagner has pleaded not guilty to multiple counts, including aggravated murder ordered held without bond Wagner sons and their father Hughes a murdering members.

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