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It is Ramona Shelburne Momo. How are you? I'm I'm feeling bad. Why. Why do you feel bad? I feel I. Can I've just been living with his guilt? Like I somehow contributed to this like I. You know like we carry a mess up the marquee. Raise like I feel like. I was carried here I. Don't know what I have done differently. Okay first of all. Kerry Kerry literally could not put together ready set go. So. You will never be as bad as Carrie was on the day of the Marquee. Number two Ramona. I couldn't see what else was exactly exactly. Nobody could see what he was got into the heart of the issue. Ramona, the ninety view people are accepting. This result is an outrage this this result is tainted and you know me. I would like nothing more than to have. Mason embarrassed on a national scale, but in this case I smell a rat and the rats name is. There was no light shot. Ramona there was no white shot. We have no idea if he to hotdogs, four hotdogs, or as he claims nine hot, you know. I went back and looked at him and I looked at it. Frame by frame. Right and at no point. Do you see him actually? put a hot dog in his mouth until after it's over. Putting a lot of things that had melted chewing allot. Idea how many hotdogs? There were on that train to start Davos leaf. He showed us a trade with two at the end, but did he start with six on the trade star with seven on the tray. How many were on the train of scar? Like I feel like I should've. I. Like made sure that you eat started with eleven. Show me your. Dog Like I should've gotten visuals I just. There were things that we couldn't control that. We thought we had control right tested before, and it works fine, but then all of a sudden. When I started asked Allen do things. He pretends like he can't hear me. Allen. How many hotdogs do you have and? He had a sound off or something mobile. Here's here's the other thing. Is You led me to believe? That was leading all along Yep, so I did take my my foot off the pedal at some point and thought alright going to be enough. I really think that you could blame this on me. I really do like this is I can own this for you. I was probably my poor call. This and lack of information coming from Alan, you know it is his job to try to do whatever he can't throw us. Yes, threw me off and then I threw you. Yeah, it was a it was a domino effect and Jonah's calling for a rematch. I think that's the only acceptable outcome here. You can't declare sleep with a winner. There is nothing to indicate here that he eight nine hotdogs nothing whereas. Steady eight nine. Yeah and I feel bad for him, too, because he really did he nine is like a, it's A. It's a hollow victory. 'cause nobody believed him, but show US show us you eating. It's an eating contest. We never saw him eating. May Do you remember the name Rosie Ruis? I do not remember the name Rosie Ruiz. Reason is somebody who magically crossed the finish line at the Boston marathon one year and everybody went. Wow, what a great time! Blah Blah Blah, and it turns out Rosie Ries was in a convenience store, and just popped into the middle of the race, and and blended in with everybody I think sleep pulled a Rosie Ruiz. Yeah, I don't think he eight nine hotdogs. There is no evidence that he did it and Ramona to your point earlier that if he really eight. Eight nine. It would be bad because nobody believes them I watched the thing an hour before the show I. Don't believe them I know the average person doesn't believe him, and if he can really do it, he can do it in the rematch and we're GonNa get a wide shot, so we can see all nine of those hot dogs go down his hatch and if he can't do it, that's it. He cheated again just like he did in the birthday game. Well I mean they're okay. Look I've been all weekend going over and everything and there was one off that really. How much time did you spend re reliving? Least Forty five minutes I try to make them not suck next time. And he kept saying we. Like. We've been training all week. We are going to win this one. We are putting a week. We are focused. We are feeling who is we? Who is we? How many people are there? He! He texted me again like this four, and he was like you know pumping himself up. And he was saying we and I don't know I mean did he set me up to? Mason, as a theory that Morales and Tommy Lamb, and Adam and Carlo were all in the bag for sleep. Doesn't that indicate we mace, wouldn't that? Indicate we you're absolutely right. We are going to win this thing. I was in the studio. Impartial. I was in the middle. Bronstein you can say that now. But how can we take what you say is real. You're. Had saying we live in a simulation. He had motive an opportunity so all allen used to be a sales guy Alain has connections of people who have money. Allen could funnel money wherever he wants it. Can Push people when he says we I mean there may be a deep state.

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