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Released from Iran. Jane Metzler, Fox News, crew members of that Norwegian-owned tanker that was attacked Thursday in the Gulf of Oman arriving Indo by short time ago. They spent two days in Iran, which denies involvement in that attack. The US military, however, claims it has proof, Iran was responsible, and it's all on videotape. This video released by the US military claims to show proof of Iran's involvement in Thursday's attacks officials say, this is revolutionary guard fast boat where the wants to remove that unexploded mine from the whole Iran denies it played any role in the attacks, the British government, if a statement, late yesterday backing the US conclusion that Iran is to blame. Jennifer Griffin at the Pentagon. The other tanker attacked from Japan that attack took place, while Japanese Prime minister Shinzo Ave was interrogation meeting with that country's leader in Hong Kong. Surprise for up to a million protestors there. They were speaking out against a proposed law allowing for the extradition to mainland China of people accused of crimes in Hong Kong. No vote on that, Bill. At least for now. Today's announcement the came out earlier in the day, the chief executive carry lamb. It was quite a surprise because when we were there it looked like she would push forward with that controversial extradition, Bill. So to see her change. Course today. No doubt was a win for those testers Nick Shane. At the same Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. They celebrated mass this Saturday for the first time since fire destroyed much of the iconic building two months ago, several of the democratic presidential hopefuls campaigning in South Carolina today, addressing a gathering of African American voters. President Trump meantime plan.

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