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NPR news Police in Berlin have used water cannons to disperse thousands of protesters who refused to wear masks and keep their distance. As NPR's Rob Schmitz reports They were pro testing Germany's lockdown measures and mask wearing requirements. After repeated warnings to protesters to leave the area around the city's Brandenburg Gate. Berlin police fired water cannons and officers in riot gear moved through crowds to carry away protesters who refused to leave. Protest come as German lawmakers debate a bill that will provide the legal underpinning for the government to issues social distancing rules require masks in public and close stores and other venues to slow the spread of the krone virus. These measures are supported by most Germans, but a vocal minority has staged regular rallies around the country, arguing that the restrictions are unconstitutional. The measures are expected to pass both houses of parliament and be signed by Germany's president. Up. Schmitz. NPR NEWS Berlin The Federal Aviation Administration has cleared Boeing's troubled 7 37 Max jetliner to return to flight. It's been grounded for nearly two years after two deadly crashes. These were linked to a faulty flight control program and flawed sensors that left pilots unable to control the jet. Boeing admitted it knew about the problems and failed to take action. The company and the FAA were also criticized over how the jet was first certified. President Trump has fired the top U. S. Cyber security official in charge of protecting the nation's elections. NPR's Giles Snyder has more Chris Crabs, is believed to have found out about his firing the same way Others who have been fired by the president have through his Twitter feed. Trump tweeted that Krebs firing is effective immediately, accusing him of making what Trump claimed was a highly inaccurate statement about the election security since the election crabs has repeatedly pushed back against claims that it was marred by widespread fraud. And he's won high praise for his work. Twitter itself. Flag. Trump's tweets for promoting misinformation. NPR's Giles Snyder reporting. This is NPR news and 604. I'm Cherry Glaser with KCRW news freeways could once again be emptied out of covert 19 cases and hospitalizations keep on rising at their current pace. That's the word from L. A county officials who say another lockdown could be in the future. If those metrics hits certain thresholds. Already, the counties moved in poo, impose curfews on some businesses and limit the size of outdoor gatherings. KCRW's Larry PERL has the latest when stay at home orders were issued last spring, L. A County was like an urban ghost town. Few people left their homes except to stock up on supplies and store shelves were stripped bare. Well, officials say. We're not there yet. But if the current five day average of nearly 3000 new cases hits 4000 or more And hospitalizations rise from 1100 to 1750. We might get close at that level restaurants and bars will have to close with only take out or delivery as an option. If the numbers climb even higher, soaring to 4500 cases, or Maura and hospitalizations at 2000 or greater leaders say a new safer at home order would be issued for three weeks. Like in March, trips outdoors would merely be allowed for services like groceries or gas and on Lee workers considered essential could leave their homes. Otherwise, the proposed measures are an acceleration of new rules put in place by L. A county yesterday, including restaurants, breweries, wineries and non essential retail businesses being barred from providing services past 10 P.m.. End of case numbers continue to rise that could extend to a county wide curfew from 10 P.m. to 6 A.m. for KCRW. I'm Larry Peral, a patient who was shot multiple times by an L. A county sheriff's deputy at Harbor U. C. L. A Medical center last month. Has died. Nicholas Berg Oh succumb to his injuries a week ago, but his death was just reported by the L. A coroner's office. His KCRW's Darryl Saxman reports The incident is raising questions about the use of lethal force by deputies inside of hospitals. Virgos experienced with the hospital calls a psychiatric episode on October 6th, reportedly using a metal ivy stand to smash a window. The hospital employees a crisis team to respond to such incidents, but before they could arrive, Burr goes, allegedly entered the room of a deputy who is recovering from injuries and under armed guard. The sheriff's department says a deputy on guard shot the 38 year old after he lunged at her holding the medal stand. She fired nine shots and burgers was hit seven times. His brother Benjamin Burr goes, tells the website L, a taco that deputies prevented doctors and nurses from attending to him for 15 minutes after he was shot. The shooting prompted a protest by hospital staffers who said Burgo should have been restrained with nonlethal force. L. A County Board of Supervisors, meanwhile, has asked the office of the inspector general to look into restricting the presence of law enforcement officers had county hospitals for KCRW. I'm Daryl Saxman Sheriff Alex being away. Eva has defended the deputies Actions, saying she was in his words about a second or two away from getting beaned in the head by Burr goes Support for NPR comes from Charles Schwab. Charles Schwab is committed to offering a modern approach to wealth management with personalized financial planning to meet in investors. Specific needs. Learn more at Schwab dot com.

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