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Cordon got his voice. Oh, I like the music. Are they cutting here? You're doing coffee for earners? Yeah, they're just got the thing going. You look up, Flo bee in this ingenious device. Let you give yourself and family perfect haircuts, every topic and some thousands of unsold, dissatisfied customers. Wine? Yeah, sure. Okay? On the other things, a man who never, I believe probably never cut his hair with a flow be either David Prowse, who played Darth Vader. The cause of death has been revealed as coded 19. Yeah. Um, he died on Saturday at the age of 85. The sun is now reporting that Mr Prowse is death came at the end of a two week hospitalization with covert prowess was Competitive weightlifter who also acted for 50 years. His role. Aziz Darth Vader made him iconic, but he also appeared in lots of other movies. We talked about his career yesterday extensively, but I don't think I don't think it was revealed until now. That wasn't revealed until just recently that it was coveted related on sources revealed Why Olivia Wilde and Jason Sir Vegas split up like them is a couple after nine years together, you know what? Itwas He insisted on cutting his own hair with a flow be there you go, she said. I can't Okay. It looks terrible, Jason. You can't The story that I saw about it. There's a picture of Jason's and make us with a big mustache, and I thought, Well, that's the rest of see, I'm blaming the Ted lieu mustache because that show is very popular, and it's coming back. And so he has to keep the must. Honey, I have to keep the mustache and she's like no. You could put on a fake one. No, I can't. I have an actor Ted last at last, So that's it Last Yeah, if the premise of that show sounds horrible, and that's why I haven't looked at it, But then I keep hearing people say yeah, it does. It's a dumb idea, but it somehow works and it's really funny. We're to me. Conversely, the premise sounds great. And the show's not that great, you know, like to show that my zits, all right. It's funny, but our tastes are different so different. I was watching another episode of Moonbase eight. It's horrible. No, it's amusing, which second, it's not, and it's It's so mannered too. Just very, you know. Anyway, it's the whole premise of that show is awkwardness. Yeah, let's everything has to be awkward, and that's what Tim Heidegger specializes in. But Ted last, so you know, it's a pleasant show. Mm. I was. I was glad it was only I think six episodes because I thought that's that's enough. There were there were 10. Just know that cause I read a story about it. I'm pretty sure we can. I think so. They were that's what because I didn't overdose on temple E think That's what I read yesterday. I may be mistaken. I didn't stop it go. That's enough, Ted last with vaccines and a new administration. The pandemic, they say here in this story in The New York Times Will be changed. Because we have vaccines coming and we have a new administration. Good experts are saying, But there's always a but Experts are saying the coming months are going to be Just horrible. Some epidemiologists predict that the death toll from covert 19 could be close to twice the 250,000 figure that the nation's surpassed last week. Each with good news about vaccines were Antibody treatments surfaces offering hope that an end of the pandemic is of hand. And yet this holiday season presents a grim reckoning. United States has reached an appalling milestone of more than a million cases. Every week. Million new cases every week. Hospitals in some states are full to bursting. The number of deaths is rising and seems on track who Surpassed the 2200 a day average. And we're still looking for local Covad stories. I was just thinking last night. We haven't heard from our friend of the program that was in ICU. The Guy that went to the Halloween party. Oh, yeah, I was worried about him because we haven't so I don't know if he's listening or able to listen, but I wouldn't emails from He was a nice you know, I love to know how how you're doing and I'd love to know how anybody's doing. You can email us radio from politics. 96 dot com. I will, um, I'll look up his email and send something off to him just to check on him. Yeah, check on him. See what's going on. S o coronavirus cases here in Utah again yesterday up 1897. There was a drop in testing. Um We had the whole It's a holiday weekend. So s so where is all of that? And there's some thought that maybe the lower number because last few days, numbers have been lower. There's some thought that maybe the mask mandates were starting to work, but but with the holiday, you know 7 to 10. Days after Thanksgiving. We're looking to see a spike in there. Ah, Utahns have Uh, may have been the worst among residents of the entire country. When it About health officials saying, Stay home for Thanksgiving. I believe that new data suggests that the number of road trips of at least 50 miles taken by Utahns did drop by 13.9% the day before Thanksgiving and on the holiday itself, compared with last year. But but that was the lowest decrease in any Of the other states. So, according to travel data rivals is the company that put this together. Hawaii was worse with was the worst with 7.6% increase. The next worst state state behind Utah was Nevada. And that presumes that those people traveling we're traveling to visit other people. If you're traveling and just going someplace and staying as a family unit, and you know, isolating yourself somewhere else. That's one thing you know, Like, Well, we may take a trip. And go toe a better or to weigh on Airbnb. But we won't. We won't associate with other family members or the general public. We'll just go isolate by ourselves somewhere else rather than this house. It'll be just a different four walls. Yeah, but I mean that, But that's helpful. We found that really was helpful when we did that a couple of months ago or a month ago. Instead of staring at these walls, we wouldn't stared at some mall somewhere else. Some new walls. U. S District Judge Dee Benson has died At the age of 72 from brain cancer people who knew Judge Benson Praised him. He was known for his kindness, his legal acumen and his deep Political connections. He died at his home on Monday. He was 72. He'd been diagnosed with.

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